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Lada Vesta surprised: side mirror come off!

The fault Lada Vesta out of the Park “Behind the wheel” eliminated his own hands. Telling and showing how to do it.Cyril Mileshkin “Behind the wheel”

Lada Vesta

Manufacturer — AVTOVAZ

Year of manufacture — 2015

To operate “Behind the wheel” — December 2015

Mileage at the time of the report — more than 70 000 km

One morning, flicking expanding before the trip left mirror editorial Lada Vesta, saw a strange sight: the mirror element is hung on the wires of the heating — just come unstuck from the base!

Without the side mirrors will not get far, so I had to go home for the duct tape to temporarily fix the “carryout” in the working position. The evening took the mirror element together with the base, indoors glued “Moment” and installed it back. Trouble eliminated quickly and almost free, but the fact of its appearance was surprising and added to the list of Vesta’s for more points.

Lada Vesta surprised: side mirror come off!

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Lada Vesta surprised: side mirror come off!Photo: Kirill Mileshkin “Behind the wheel”

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