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Last meal: the waitress’s head under the truck (she got lucky)

The incident occurred November 28 in Panshui Miao Luzzasco Autonomous County of the Chinese province of Chongqing. A local resident tried to cross the road in the wrong place.

The Internet is full of videos of the miraculous rescue during road accidents, and here is another “death room” of a favorable outcome.

The record shows that as a woman in an apron and a tray in his hands (probably a waitress) trying to cross a two-lane road on which the moving cargo van. She probably wanted to miss the car, but slipped and landed right under the wheels! Fortunately, the driver noticed it in time and applied the emergency brake, the rear tyre stopped literally inches away from the face of the Chinese!

Information resource Newsflare reported that the woman has not received serious injuries but is in a state of shock.

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Photo:, YouTube

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