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Law was suspended, but not taken. What happens if you sit behind the wheel?

On questions of readers “the wheel” meets the head of the traffic police Mikhail Chernikov.“Behind the wheel”

Because of the debt suspended rights. However, a driver’s license left in his hand. What I face if I break the ban and drive. Given that the period of eligibility expired in December, can I swap them? And can I take the exam in a new category?

Elena, Moscow

The question the reader meets the head of the Main Department on security of traffic of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia the General-the Lieutenant of police Mikhail Chernikov.

This legal institution is called a temporary restriction on the use of the debtor a special right. In accordance with article 67.1 of the Federal act of October 2, 2007 № 229‑FZ “On enforcement proceedings” under such understanding “of the suspension provided to the debtor in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation’s special right in the form of the right of management by vehicles (road vehicles, aircraft, marine vessels, inland water transportation, motorcycles, mopeds and light ATVs, the tricycles and ATVs, self-propelled machines) before the execution of the requirements of the Executive document in full or until the occurrence of grounds for the cancellation of such restriction”.

Withdrawal of the driving license, in this case the Russian legislation is not provided, as well as a ban on replacement of driving license in connection with the expiration and acquisition of the right to drive a vehicle of a different category. However, prior to the occurrence of grounds for revocation of the limitation to exercise the right to control is impossible. The debtor installed in accordance with the legislation on enforcement proceedings, time limit on use of special right in the form of the right of control of the vehicle is punishable by compulsory works for a term up to 50 hours or deprivation of a special right for a period of up to one year (article 17.17 of the administrative code).

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Photo: ITAR-TASS/ Mikhail Japaridze

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