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Lazy major drove the car to the Museum-reserve “Tsaritsyno”

Your shenanigans at the wheel of the so-called Golden youth often attributed to boredom, bad mood, or laziness. So, in Moscow this week, another bummer I decided not to bother walk in the Park and drove into the pedestrian area by car.

In October, we talked about the major a Mercedes, which because of a bad mood decided to avoid a traffic jam on a dividing strip, and a company “rich Russian children” out of boredom went to the coolest cars on the oncoming traffic. The current “hero” from the category of lazy people who do not want to once again get out of the car, even during a walk in the Park.

The original recording autopromote in a conservation area published in the Instagram community, Rich Russian Kids, proclaimed the cult of permissiveness, and is accompanied by the words: “Everyday a walk around the Park in my view looks that way. Too lazy to get out of the car”.

Machine the tape, however, some not very elite — Ford. Just like it is awkward to appear on such a machine is in “decent society”, where even the students go to Bentley, Maybach and other Babush, to laugh the guy at the Ford and pass of the police to not spoil the image of the gods, who can do anything.

  • Last week, the major G-wagon drove into the oncoming lane in the centre of Moscow — but this time not out of boredom or laziness, but because of the desire to conduct a crash test!
  • Great response from our readers has caused published in October community Rich Russian Kids movie with a trip to the “Golden boy” on a Bicycle on the public road under the cover of three Gelandewagen — road vehicles not allowed to drive other vehicles.

Photo: YouTube

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