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Leaders among the new cars: top 10 last year

Analysts have called the most popular car models in the world by the end of 2017. The leader of previous years retained his position, but experts say a new trend.

According to preliminary data, in the world last year were sold 94.5 million cars, which is 2% higher than a year earlier. While almost all segments experienced a decline in demand, but the market has “pulled” crossovers and SUVs, sales of which jumped by 12%.

Analysts of the Agency focus2move, which traditionally publish annual rankings of the most sold models of cars, saying that after a few years, the most popular will be the crossovers. Meanwhile, the leader of the same: Toyota Corolla in all submitted versions. Its sales in 2017 1,224 900 cars, this is 6.6% less than in 2016. And sale of Corolla has been declining for several years.

In second place, beating European bestseller Volkswagen Golf came out, the us market leader — the Ford pickup F-Series. This model is already 43 years headed a rating of sales of cars in the United States. In 2017 in the world (or rather, in North America, as officially F-Series is not exported) sold 1 076 551 pickup of this model. This is 8.7% higher than a year earlier. Ford F-Series was fourth after the Toyota Corolla, Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus, a car that managed to “break” the mark of one million sold cars for 12 calendar months.

Analysts highlighted the success of the tenth generation Honda Civic: in 2017, the model climbed six positions to fourth place with a score of 819 005 vehicles (+21.7 per cent). It is worth noting that the Civic really is a rapid growth in popularity: one year ago, the model rounded out the top ten, having risen by 7 positions.

In fifth place was last year celebrated its 20th anniversary with a Toyota RAV with a score of 807 401 cars (+11%). She is a leader in the SUV segment, seriously ahead of its direct competitor, the Honda CR-V (748 048 cars; -0.4 per cent). In seventh place (third in the SUV segment) is rapidly improving its position Volkswagen Tiguan. Last year it sold 703 143 car of this model, which is 14.5% more than in 2016. in addition, the top ten included the Ford Focus, the Chevrolet Silverado and Volkswagen Polo.

The best Chinese car remained unknown outside of China the Wuling Hongguang van (15-e a place, 551 347 cars; is-15.2%). Russian cars in the first hundred has not got: it closes the Renault Megane with a score of 226 341 car.

The most sold cars in the world. Top 10*:





Dynamics, %



Toyota Corolla

1 224 990




Ford F-Series

1 076 551




VW Golf

952 826




Honda Civic

819 005




Toyota RAV4

807 401




Honda CR-V

748 048




VW Tiguan

703 143




Ford Focus

671 923




Chevrolet Silverado

660 530




VW Polo

656 179


*according to the Agency focus2move

  • For the first 11 months in Russia the most popular car is the Kia Rio.
  • In December analysts have called the most popular brands of used cars in Russia.

Photo: Toyota

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