Lexus LS: Caution — modern!

Uhjust a delusion, Groundhog day! I well remember the presentation of the previous LS in San Francisco, which started from the famous Golden Gate bridge. And here five years later – the sequel. Same place, same surroundings, same model. But the feeling is fundamentally different.

What was the old LS? A pompous Executive sedan with a solid, even heavy design. New made of different material. It is lower and longer wheelbase grew by 35 mm. Line of the hood and trunk are “landed” at 30 and 40 mm, respectively. There is an additional side window, which lessovsky sedans never were. All this combined with the modernistic Z-shaped headlights (full led already in the basic version), it changed the perception of the machine.

The new LS is the first “trichotomy” Lexus sedan. This solution is visually lightened the car.

Chief designer Koichi Suga, we are considering LS, confessed before him the task was to create a unique key competitors image. Well, the goal is achieved. New LS outwardly extraordinary, if not outrageous. However, forgive me, Koichi-San, the car is not perceived to be representative – rather, it proportionally sedan like the Jaguar XJ or the Maserati Quattroporte.

From the courage of the salon and I did fell into a stupor. Palm involuntarily drawn to the stacked door panels, fingers plucked fleeing Central deflectors wave strands, ribs, elbow crawls on delicate, as if suspended in the air armrest. But most surprising of miniature panel instruments with the pulled-down visor and funny horns: the left is responsible for the stabilization system, the right switches driving modes. Is it too bold for the status model?

– We hoped! Opening the door, you should see that the interior is radically different from other cars.

The salon got rid of the pomp, the quality of the finish left on a new level. Now the interior is truly luxurious.

However, some traditions from Koichi-San did not give up. Familiar with analog clocks there was a place to the left of the screen media, which now controls not mouse, but touchpad is absolute. Got better, but the washer controllers German classmates to play anyway.

The Lexus is the largest in the segment of the projection display size of 600 ? 150 mm. we can not give a proper audio system Mark Levinson c 23 speakers (four of them built into the ceiling) and technology recovery beep Clari-Fi, thanks to which even a mediocre recording sounds fine.

Devices for machines of this class poorSticking out of the visor, the horns give the interior a playful mood. Increase the visibility andCovering the steering column casing looks messyLittle round buttons audio setup look pardito and are reminded of luxury mobile phones Gresso, the Japanese never found the perfect formula management multimediasystem: touchpad Remote Touch is inferior in convenience, the washer-controllers

If the beauty of music is able to assess every, seat comfort is obvious to anyone. Soft, cozy, tailored. Stuffed to the eyeballs: 28 electrically adjustable, heated, ventilated and even acupressure shiatsu. But most of all I remember the luxurious finishing of the softest leather grade L?aniline. The skins for it were supplied from North America, and the deal is only one percent of supply – the rest are discarded.

They are clearly obsessed with the quality of finish and its diversity. Along with several traditional varieties of wood you can choose decorative panels of patterned glass Chirico. The ornament on his artists are applied by hand, after which the components are subjected to laser polishing. Manual hi-tech!

Push the passenger seat, and the headrest automatically falls down – a great view from VIP seats!New LS is clearly superior to its predecessor in the spaciousness and comfort of the back row. Only the ceiling is lowthe Bare metal floor, to put it mildly, bafflingAll service functions to be controlled via a built-in armrest touch screen

After crossing the Bay over the Golden Gate bridge, get on the broad highway, where I’m tempted to accelerate to maximum 250 km/h. But here not zabaluesh, all go the speed limit. Is comforted only by the imitation of overtaking – to accelerate from 50 to 100 km/h LS 500 does it with ease: just opened the throttle and had hundreds!

If the earlier LS supplied atmospheric V8 engine, now in his belly the engine is running 3.5 V6 with a camber angle of cylinders 60 degrees, direct injection and twin turbo. “Six” 33 “horses” more powerful and the torque is much higher at 107 N·m. valve seats the Japanese treated by laser to achieve a perfectly smooth surface and, consequently, better mixing. I fell under the spell of seamless-smooth operation of the new ten step automatic: shifter catch is that the movement of the tachometer needle.

While the road is sterile-smooth, Lexus pampers impeccable smoothness. But from San Francisco the route was fairly impaired a little. Cracks and holes are given by the fraction on the floor, from serenity were only memories. Even the air suspension does not help. However, it’s not so much the running part, as in ran the hard tyre is flat. I wonder if the owners will change them to normal.

If a movie character Zorro moved in our days, he probably went to the Lexus

Meanwhile the broad road quietly turned into a narrow winding forest path. I’d like to try! Yes where there, everywhere restrictions: maximum of 35-40 miles per hour. Will exceed the “top ten” – prepare a couple hundred bucks. Will go even faster – you can leave a fortune, and even lands in jail. So keep yourself in hand, and that thunder is not easy. After all, driven by a new LS very cool! Clear, understandable reactions, and instant feedback on the steering, Okhotny senyavina in turns. The feeling of awkwardness and bulkiness characteristic of the outgoing LS, not gone. Never large Lexus didn’t go so good! The “blame” modular platform GA-L, a transition which allowed to lighten the car by 90 kg and to lower the center of mass.

Version of the LS F Sport, addressed to the fans of active drive, probably rides even better – it has power steering with variable gear ratio steering the rear wheels, an active rear stabilizer bar and heavy-duty brakes. Although this class is much more in demand not adrenaline, and the stability that gives the all-wheel drive. Permanent all-wheel drive and limited slip differential axles Torsen-equipped flagship LS 500. Depending on the driving conditions, the torque is redistributed between the front and rear axles in the ratio of 31:69 48:52.

The base LS 350, which I drove the way back, and as a passenger?– exclusively rear wheel drive. But the equipment “three hundred fiftieth” can be very steep: the closers in the door, monitors in the headrests, heated seats… Sprawled in a great chair, ritual remove yourself from the front passenger seat head restraint automatically does a somersault forward, revealing a magnificent view. Now the main action: leaves the footrest. Well, touch me, darling!

The driver drove smoothly and steadily, calmly accelerated, braked gently. I zastarevshie, included a relaxing massage and setting a comfortable temperature, dozed off. Woke up when the driver parked at the hotel. Happy? Completely. But I suspect that tall passengers won’t like crushing ceiling – roof-sloping.

We stood next to the “seven” BMW, and Audi A8. How did cosmically distant from them LS! Modernist and classics. Will evaluate whether the target audience is a bold move? Find out in the beginning of next year – with the start of sales.


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