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Locals go to the meeting: with terminals ERA-GLONASS problem again

The management of JSC “GLONASS” and the authorities of Primorye promised in the short term to provide the region with the coveted “buttons”, but the customs again Packed with second-hand cars from Japan, the terminal is sorely lacking, the queue is moving slowly, drivers are preparing to strike.

Desperate motorists have already started to use the services of intermediary companies, are not authorized to sell simplified terminals ERA-GLONASS, these firms can only install the equipment, you can buy it only in two officially accredited centres “sumo wrestler-Auto” and “Walton Management Rus”, but there the devices are also in short supply. JSC “GLONASS” reported that by the end of may was sent to Vladivostok 5200 terminals, said however, until the “Sumatori” reached 2350 buttons, and the representative of the “Walton Management Rus”, the number of terminals to estimate difficult, but because with this company the agreement was signed later, then the number of devices out there considerably lower. That is part of the terminal “vanished into thin air.” But they actively started to offer speculators 50-80 thousand rubles, while the official price with installation was declared in the area of 27 thousand rubles.

And people have already started to buy them, only here the purchase of these devices through intermediaries is illegitimate, and although the devices are installed according to all rules, title to such vehicles in the future can cancel.

Motorists, especially small business, is engaged in ferrying and selling cars from Japan and carrying large losses due to storage of cars in the Parking lot of the customs, preparing lawsuits and litigation. In addition, ordinary motorists are planning to go on June 18 rally for the abolition of mandatory equipment all supplied to the address terminals ERA-GLONASS.

Moreover, a motorist, a happy owner of the coveted “buttons”, decided to test the correct operation of the device and called the call center to verify information. Judging by the roller, the operator is not able to determine neither the location nor the brand of the car. So she confirmed, provocative information for the owner that the car model — Toyota Crown, although in fact the video featured Toyota Spade. However, it is almost impossible to check whether the provocation the movie itself.

  • Earlier, the administration of Primorsky Krai has promised to fight against speculation “disturbing buttons”. While the device is in short supply, it was decided to distribute them between individuals and legal entities in the ratio of 30 to 70.
  • Earlier GLONASS has reported that on may 3, was adopted by th “battle” challenge in the call center system ERA-GLONASS. Actually calls, including false, there is much more here we are talking about those situations. when it’s really required emergency operative services.

Photo: Yuri Smityuk/TASS

Video: YouTube

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