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Machine for CTP will fix beushnye parts. But not all

Now to make the refurbishment possible, using only new parts. However, the PCA sent a letter to the market regulator the Central Bank with a proposal to make exceptions for certain categories of vehicles.

Now repairing cars for insurance is possible using only new parts. For certain categories of vehicles it is proposed to make an exception.

The law on insurance prohibits the use of old parts for repair of all cars and their prices to calculate the payment in money should also be set on the calculation using new parts. This rule was adopted in April last year, when the insurance company received the right instead of paying for insurance to repair the damaged vehicle.

However, the PCA appealed to the Central Bank with a letter (is at the disposal of the newspaper “Vedomosti”), which asks to set an exception to allow the use of the cost of used parts in the calculation of damages for insurance.

It is about those machines that are not initially delivered for sale in Russia — for example, for RHD vehicles. So, original new spare parts not to find and have to order from the country of origin. And it is long, delivery can take several months, but the insurance company for payment to the aggrieved party is given only 20 days, otherwise relies fine.

Moreover, the value of used parts that are sold in each region, I propose to use in assessing the damage, so there is no risk of overpayment.

In Association for the protection of policyholders believe that the introduction of this standard will result in decreased payments for “avtograzhdanki” up to 30%.

  • Before the end of spring session the state Duma plans to consider a bill to increase penalties for the lack of “avtograzhdanki.” According to analysts ‘ estimates, they can grow up to 6 times.
  • Recently came into force new rules of the inspection. Innovations are few, but they are very important.

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