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Manufacturer of military humvees, has filed a lawsuit against the creators of the game Call of Duty

Company AM General public is known as a manufacturer of the military HUMVEE SUV. And its owners do not like the use without permission of its trademarks in the most popular shooter.

SUV HUMVEE is perhaps the most recognizable of military vehicles in the world, he became a personification of war as the Kalashnikov. AM General extremely dissatisfied with the actions of Activision Blizzard Inc, publisher of the shooter Call of Duty. Manufacturer of military SUVs claims that the company illegally uses belonging to it trademarks, like myself, and assign production rights to books and toys dedicated to the game, to third parties.

AM General say they have been in talks with Activision about a year and sued only when they are to nothing brought, reports Reuters. The desire of automotive companies to get compensation is quite clear: at the end of 2016 Call of Duty became the most successful franchise in the world of video games, selling a circulation of 250 million copies. According to analysts ‘ estimates, the series has brought Activision at least 15 billion dollars in revenue.

Based on the game available a variety of licensed products. For example, constructortype explanation of the game are available in different licensed products. For example, designers

The lawsuit says that consumers believe that AM General has licensed his technique for games, or in some other way involved in their development, which allows Activison to get additional profit.

AM General requires the court to award compensation and fine Activision. The claim will be considered court for the southern district of new York.

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Photo: Call of Duty Wikia, Amazon

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