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March “Behind the wheel”: the four-phase sink for 800 roubles Is more expensive?

Rally “driving Chery” takes place on the positive — even though we had repeatedly to deal with two main Russian troubles…Ilya Pimenov “Behind the wheel”

The second stage of the March-throw “the wheel” on cars Chery in support of Regardie started in Voronezh and ended in Rostov-on-don. Report on the first day of car travel on the route Moscow-Sevastopol read here.

Continue acquaintance with interesting names of settlements. For Example, Verkhniy Mamon. It turns out, the word from which this name, borrowed by the Greeks from Hebrew: mamonas meant “property condition”. Mammon — wealth, earthly treasures.

And Aglos? Clearly something non-Russian. Turns out it stands for “agroforestry experimental station”. Well, at least the city of her Uncle’s all clear. The uncle is not the aunt’s.

Scholars of the geography of the South of Russia have already guessed that run “Behind the wheel”, Regardie and Chery reached Rostov-on-don, breaking the still 564 km from Voronezh.

As the road?

Overall, not bad. There are three areas where not very comfortable. First — a couple of tens of kilometers after Voronezh, where rekonstruiruet the track. While in the Northern direction. Raise the roadbed, make new dividing barriers. The road narrows to one lane in each direction, lots of trucks, so the speed is somewhat reduced.

The second nasty plot starts somewhere in the 787-kilometer M4, and ends at 790-th kilometer. The composition of the top layer of large gravel, the roadbed in deep cracks and ruts, sometimes transverse waves, so that the trucks drive in the left lane and the cars ahead of them on the right.

Finally, for 50 km before Rostov another repair the road, trucks are lined up in rows. But I try to go fast, so here the speed drops is not critical. Already in Rostov look average: 90 km/h!

On 884 km on the dividing borders often start standing vertical plate. It turns out that they protect against the glare of oncoming headlights. Know-how!

Is there an ambush?

In the Rostov region, under a bridge, behind a fence, is “dozen” — contrary to all the rules. And the barrier is the camera images. Merchants!

Traffic cops are not hiding their posts visible from afar, as are the inspectors. Check in the main cargo transport. Cars are of little interest to them. Let’s see what happens next, because we have the infamous kuschevskiy post. Although… Because we have Asgardia!

As machines?

Our Chery Tiggo 3 only please. Now and reduced appetite. The version with a CVT consumes on average of 9.1 litres per 100 kilometres, the version with the mechanics — 8 liters! But Chery criticized for high flow. Tomorrow we’ll do an experiment, try to change the gasoline from the 92nd to the 95th to the cars it was easier to “agunah” — long rises, which are full on this route.

On one of the sites found that the gadgets in Tiggo 3 charge even with the ignition off. Convenient. Including memory training. Evening, taken out of the socket stick with music. It is clear that the battery even during the night it is not planted, but still the energy consumer.

What to look for along the way?

Along the road and then caught the melon stalls: sell watermelons and melons, with trucks and tractor trailers — despite the ominous signs “Trade is disabled”. There are whole fields of sunflowers. And 770-kilometer — filling Makoyl, lukoylovsky style. It seems to work…

Probably the most interesting thing for motorists is 932 km, to Kamensk-Shakhtinsky. This bike centre, service station, hotel and Museum “Legends of the USSR”. The exhibition is based on Soviet cars and motorcycles. The most valuable exhibit, in the opinion of the matrons, armored ZIL — 41045, supposedly serving the husband first and the last Soviet President, Raisa Maksimovna Gorbachev.

Also in the Museum you can listen to old music and to purchase as a souvenir of the money of Soviet times. 6 different bills for 300 rubles today.

By the way, about money. How much do you think in Rostov-on-don is to wash the body of the Chery Tiggo 3 — top, without mats? 400? 500? Come, courage! 800 rubles! On the question of why so “cheap”, the Manager of the sink without batting an eye says that it is a kind of four-phase washing. Oh, Rostov-daddy, well at least have fun for free. By the way, in any city of Russia the most expensive car wash? Write in the comments, where live the most greedy washers, requesting water treatment for your car unnecessarily expensive.

And as it said cinematic Kuzmich? We fools even a hundred years in store…

Why to wash? How else, after all, tomorrow morning we are waiting on the city festival. But more about that in the next report.

March “Behind the wheel”: the four-phase sink for 800 roubles Is more expensive?March “Behind the wheel”: the four-phase sink for 800 roubles Is more expensive?Photo: Ilya Pimenov “Behind the wheel”

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