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Mark Tylevich — 95!

Congratulations of the Patriarch of our journal by Mark G. of Chilewich happy anniversary!

Mark G., Televicine G. Tylevich

If you think that you don’t know this amazing man, you are most likely wrong. He knows — visibly or not — to all of our loyal readers.

Mark G. Tylevich, who on 10 July 2017 will be 95 years old, is the founder and for many decades the leader and unquestioned authority for the editorial staff of the magazine “Behind the wheel” and to millions of his readers. Our magazine, he gave over 50 years of his outstanding and amazing life and created it step by step, heading for the heading as a phenomenon of cultural and automotive life of the USSR, and then Russia today.

Of course, experts may be recalled that the first issue of the magazine “Behind the wheel” was published in April 1928 under the editorship of Nikolai Osinsky (Obolensky) and with the direct participation of Mikhail Koltsov, Boris Efimov and other classics of early Soviet culture. And they are right. But only formally. Because before coming to the editorial Board Mark Tylevich it was a very different “Behind the wheel”! And here’s why.

At first, our journal was decorated with a slogan: “the Car workers!”. But he did not survive. On the contrary: the victory of the opinion, formulated in one of the party Newspapers, the “cheap mass car and cheap light-duty truck is kulak slogan.” To the “bourgeois” sentiments have not mastered the minds, and the journal has been created as a departmental publication defense organizations of DOSAAF. Such departmental magazines of different formats was in those days a lot: “road transport”, “Mechanic” and just “Auto”… Among them “driving” not out too much, because until the beginning of 1960‑ies it was not the massive and popular magazine, as we know it today.

Initially, Televic (pictured left) engaged in motorcycle magazine themes, including visited all the major racing.Initially, Televic (pictured left) engaged in motorcycle magazine themes, including visited all the major racing.

Mark Tylevich appeared in the editorial “Behind the wheel” at an opportune time — in the late 1950s. Then in the USSR for the first time started talking seriously about “people’s” car for ordinary citizens. The sale appeared “Volga”, “Moskvich” and “Zaporozhets”. And in the mid‑1960s, all cheered the news of a huge contract with the Italians for the production of a mass market car.

In the late 1950‑ies in our newsroom there was only one car — an old Moskvich‑401, bought by the Ministry of defence by three employees of the magazine together. Went on line to maintain the machine the idea was the same. But, as usual, it turned out worse than the ride. Here is the “old-timers” and decided to unload the machine following the top three, led by freshman Tiliviche. But he felt that since fate brought him in a car magazine, he is obliged to sit behind the wheel. The three had not developed, and the mark alone for two years to pay off debts for the car and its repair (including the replacement of the engine). But he won the first own car and experience all the joys and sorrows of the ordinary Soviet motorist.

Cars back then were expensive, however, demand dramatically exceeds supply. If you had the good fortune to join the queue for a car purchase waiting for years. Indulged in many ways, if only to save up for a car. But then it was necessary to operate, maintain, maintain. Practically nothing appeared completely new for the country’s automobile culture, which at that time was lacking experience or knowledge.

Mark Tylevich was friends with Boris Vasiliev soldier, a test pilot of military vehicles and famous writer.Mark Tylevich was friends with Boris Vasiliev soldier, a test pilot of military vehicles and famous writer.

In search of answers to their questions of Soviet motorists have appealed to the magazine “Behind the wheel”. It was a serious challenge for the editorial team. And mark Tylevich this challenge was taken in the early 1960s, he was the Deputy editor.

The position of editor-in-chief in Soviet times, took the nomenklatura appointees, often military retirees. Their main task was not to interfere with Mark G., and, to their credit, with this task they coped. It Tylevich over several decades created the team of journalists who actually shaped the car culture in the USSR.

Mark G. — editor, as they say, from God. Almost all employees “at the wheel”, which praised the magazine for education were engineers. But they had a beautiful editorial school Mark Tylevich and his closest friend and associate of Boris Mandrus, Executive Secretary of the editorial Board. For many years they both searched and found promising beginners — professionals, enthusiasts, people like him always say, with gasoline in the blood. Among them, Lev Shugurov, Grigory Zinger, Boris Sinelnikov Boris Loginov, Vladimir Arkusha, Boris Demchenko, Vyacheslav Subbotin, Anton Chuikin, and many others.

Peter Lesser, first for all time of existence of “driving” a real editor, who for almost two decades he headed the magazine in the new time – also a protégé and disciple of Mark Tylevich.

Mark G. has always been amazing man, he very accurately caught the interests of numerous and diverse audience of the journal. With his direct participation arose and took almost all of the popular uncategorized and many live to this day. When it is in the wording appeared test machine, transferred to factories in long-term tests. And not only ours! For the first time in the history of Soviet journalism to the test to “wordsmiths” in 1970, was hit by a car — Czechoslovak Skoda 110 R. Even the building, which now houses the editorial, “shot” Tylevich.

Imagine when in 1936 appeared “emka” GAZ-M1, the future journalist Mark Tylevich was already 14 years old! Within a few decades, the veterans met again.Imagine when in 1936 appeared “emka” GAZ-M1, the future journalist Mark Tylevich was already 14 years old! Within a few decades, the veterans met again.

He was also the initiator of the Race of stars “za rulem” (the first time we did it back in 1979) and unique automotive expeditions, which no one could repeat. He traveled around the country looking for printers where you could print additional copies, and was for magazine the little tricks. In the early 1960s, persuading the leadership of DOSAAF and the CPSU Central Committee (of similar issues in those years was decided the only way!) to add to the 24 journal pages eight. Argued as follows: we will write more about Powerboating. Page added, and water sports in a couple of months, “forgot”, giving an additional amount of material about cars.

Mark G. likes to say: “In life I was very lucky twice. The first time I, Soviet Jew, despite two failed escape, managed to survive in a German concentration camp. Second — when I was in the editorial “Behind the wheel””.

Mark Grigorevich! Congratulations on your 95th birthday — on behalf of our editorial Board and on behalf of millions of readers. Congratulations, wish you health, energy, and thank you for the unique phenomenon of the Soviet and Russian culture — the magazine “Behind the wheel”!

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Mark Tylevich — 95!

Mark Tylevich — 95!Photo: “Behind the wheel.Of the Russian Federation”

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