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Matreshka-Swiss divide, upgrade, have fun!

One of the most striking exhibits of the exhibition of consumer electronics CES in Las Vegas by tradition was the concept-the Swiss company Rinspeed. Chip unmanned minibus Snap that his platform when it will become obsolete could be disposed and replaced with new, relevant.

Those who have had or have a desktop computer system PC will easily understand the concept of Frank Rinderknecht (head of the firm Rinspeed): the system unit is stuffed with components that will eventually become obsolete, they can easily be replaced by more modern. Change the same the case it is not necessary — it’s just a piece of iron.

Rinspeed Snap (the title translates to English as “click” or “clasp”) is arranged on the same principle: there are practically eternal iron case-exterior furniture is quickly aging electric filling, which is made in the form separated from the body of the mobile platform.

The technical specifications of the platform, quite frankly, not impressive: the electric motor produces 69 BHP of peak power and propels the Autonomous trolley to cruising 80 km/h Built-in floor battery capacity of 12 kWh will allow you to travel on a single charge of 100 km. Sparsely… But thanks to the original steering mechanisms ZF minibus can turn around almost on the spot: the front wheels turn at an angle of 70 degrees, rear is 14 degrees.

Eventually, when the market will be a battery with a higher charge density, under the box you can roll up a new, more modern platform with improved performance. Keeping the same unchanged passenger module, there is a chance to reduce the cost of production of electric vehicles and to save the nature-mother of the spending of unnecessary resources.

E-filling boxes can also be upgraded, although at the time of the January 2018 it looks more modern longer. Each of the four passengers as many as three of the touch screen. They broadcast the personalized multimedia content is generated on the basis of the three-step authentication system of user — artificial intelligence not only take you to the desired destination, but will also entertained! Also the way in convenient meals — tables-organizers between the seats arranged in the manner of those in business class long haul aircraft, equipped with folding tables and Cup holders.

In the outer panel Snap built six light panels that can display a warning message, advertising, or just an atmospheric picture.

At CES presented the passenger version Snape intended to become a transport alternative, but in principle the booth can be set as you like: adjust for cargo or transform into mobile romantic nest for two.

Despite the fact that Snap, like any insidously concept, very carefully developed and consists of a very real and functioning components of specific plans for its production from a Swiss company no.

  • The layout of the passenger module exhibition Snap with four chairs counterpart, is not original: the same principle made a promising German UAV Volkswagen Sedric and Russian Shuttle and MatrЕshka.
  • Last year the Swiss show in Las Vegas the concept-Oasis — urban electric car with a built-in garden!
  • In 2016, the firm Rinspeed revealed at CES drone Ʃtos on the basis of hybrid sports car BMW i8.

Matreshka-Swiss divide, upgrade, have fun!

Photo: Rinspeed

Matreshka-Swiss divide, upgrade, have fun!

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