Mazda 6 will be shown in the new body

At the Geneva motor show the company will bring the Mazda 6 wagon.

The restyled sedan Mazda has entailed the modification of the model with a larger body. The premiere platform for Mazda 6 Wagon will be the Geneva motor show. And on the eve of the presentation, the company showed an image of novelties, which, as expected, very similar to the redesigned sedan. But the most interesting – a kind of wagon behind, the company still keeps a secret.

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In Tokyo, the company Mazda will present a new concept car

The interior of the wagon too close to the sedan, but obviously larger in size. About the numbers until the manufacturer also silent. It is clear that the complete set will include a full list of equipment offered in the new Mazda from the cameras to the projection on the windshield.

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Engines Mazda will significantly reduce your “appetite”

In addition to the Mazda 6 Wagon, the Japanese will bring to the motor show its show cars Coupe Vision and Kai, as well as the engine Skyactiv-X, combining the principles of operation of petrol and diesel units. Its uniqueness in the original series Spark Controlled Compression Ignition (SPCCI), which is the compression-ignition control at the expense of candles. The result is a petrol engine runs more economical, but saves power.

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