Mazda CX-9, crossover with big ambitions

DAleko is not always a change of generations leads to such a global change in appearance – fans dem know it well. But Mazda is not so reputable in the automotive world and must be, not only seem. So you instantly differentiate the new CX-9 from the old, but, from afar, can confuse novelty with, say, the younger the CX-5.
While not close to CX-9 at arm’s length, difficult to realize that before you is a car length more than five meters.

And this is not a reproach, and a sincere compliment of our character: a new corporate identity completely delivered the biggest crossover brand from the former bulkiness and puffiness. Until you are approaching the newcomer at arm’s length, difficult to realize that before you is a car length more than five meters and a width of almost two.

No options

He’s not just a family crossover – Mazda CX-9 is built for the large cell companies. Seven seats! However, a compromise between the people and the Luggage it is achievable: “the back” of the chair is still easy to be folded, thereby increasing the Luggage capacity to 547 litres decent. Even if you do not do this behind the backs of the seats of the third row is quite fit a couple small bags. The predecessor the volume of the cargo compartment was a little more – in seven-seater configuration, he offered 267 liters of Luggage, it is now 230 HP With folded seats of the third row you can count on 928 l, now with 840 L.

The length of the crossover is decreased for a couple of inches, and the wheelbase has grown, and five and a half. It is therefore not surprising that a small reduction of the trunk more than offset by the increased comfort for passengers of the third row. Before it was placed, except that the teenagers and now, it is easy to accommodate even adults. Space over the head quite enough, and the legroom can be increased by sliding forward the second row seat. They, of course, comfortable armchair of the third row and offer their riders not only heated, but also a separate climate zone. Note: not “can suggest”, “suggest”: Mazda CX-9 is presented here in the only top configuration Premium. So for those who have a sum of 1 million 389 thousand UAH, it’s all-inclusive.

In the cabin there is nothing that you would not have seen in other Mazda models. That familiar steering wheel still easy to gripThanks to the stylish finish of the door as it moves into the dashboard. The build quality is amazing. Made in Japan, though!Near the handle the usual 6-speed automatic, habitually situated power key sportisimo, throwing the tachometer needle a thousand upAnd this plastic bezel around the console is clearly unnecessary: he speaks over a soft padding to rest on his knee, not very comfortablethe rear passengers separate climate zone and heated seats. It is useful winter piece, especially with the leather upholstery

And the amount no longer seem astronomical, is a closer consider the salon. If you have the concept of “premium” is not measured by the drawn arrows of the dashboard or the Central diagonal of the display, and ergonomics, materials and build quality, the Mazda CX-9 does not disappoint. All of the above on top, in addition to “digital” arrows and the diagonal of the display. The instrumentation is analog, and the screen is small and does not possess interteymenta. There will not be able to change the settings of the steering or suspension, to see the colorful labels or radio stations bullet G-sensor. But in simple menu display will not be lost, but for many buyers, oddly enough, is more important than just that. As the ability to manage running around the screen cursor with the joystick: on the go this is much easier than poking at the picture with your finger.

The first turbocharged

The weak point of the predecessor was the motors – at least outside of America with its cheap gasoline. First, the first generation of the CX-9 received a 3.5 liter aspirated, and two years later it increased to 3.7 L. it is Clear that to feed such a “dinosaur” in our economic realities is very difficult. So he went in a simple logical way, that is… extinct.

His place was taken by the first ever turbocharged engine Skyactive G volume 2,5 liters, No bi – or twinturbo – turbine one. Mazda is struggling with turbolava more simple but not less effective way, which is called Dynamic Pressure Turbo.

The first ever turbocharged engine Skyactive G volume 2,5 liters, No bi – or twinturbo – turbine one. But with a twinkleChairs in the middle row move forward and back for twenty centimeters, and foot passengers are very grateful for thisOn the third row of seats will fit adults; on the back of its predecessor was more closelyIf you fold the seat backrests of the second and third row, get a load compartment volume in 1848, l, and with a flat floorLayout designed to trifles: subwoofer hiding in dokatki under the boot floorEven in seven-seat configuration at the back of the third row remains a place for a pair of three bags

In front of the turbine wheel are the valves at low RPMs (below 1620 rpm) guides the air along the narrow bypass channels. This rate of flow, and hence the rotation speed of the turbine wheel is reduced slightly. Turbine almost does not take time for further promotion, and pause between pressing the accelerator and the acceleration is virtually nonexistent. Of course, not without a brand of intricate “spider”-header to facilitate the removal of exhaust gases. Only here it is organized according to the scheme 4-3-1 instead of the usual Maslowski atmospherical 4-2-1.

The first turbo Skyactive G received the largest Mazda!

More and less

Losing more than a liter of engine size, Mazda CX-9 won herself a half second in acceleration to hundred, increased the maximum speed of nearly 20 km/h and reduce fuel consumption at least two liters.

The last pleases me the most. Testing the CX-9 first generation, I could not keep less than 15 liters per hundred in the city. And on-Board computer of the new crossover showed me 13.2 litres – not bad for a seven-seater two-ton machine. Despite the fact that the number of stages of the automatic transmission remained the same – six of them. A bit these days, but Mazda is not chasing quantity. And the quality of work is an indulgence: I, by and large, have nothing to reproach transmission. It does its job quietly and almost unnoticed, managing at the same time to instantly gather and appropriately respond to kick-down. Pretty smart box.

Ride quality largest Mazda are a pleasant surprise. She’s clearly more comfortable than the CX-5, but far removed from the last degree driverstore excitement.

Speaking of silence, but already the cabin. Here she is just amazing! I would say that silence is the Executive class. Closed the door and securely fenced off from the outside hectic world. Even the sound of the untwisted almost to the limit speed of the engine does not cross boundaries of decency. With this insulation nearly two-ton curb weight does not seem to be too much. And in motion they are not felt, except under heavy braking.

As if in a dance

Ride quality largest Mazda are a pleasant surprise. She’s clearly more comfortable than the CX-5, but very far removed from the last degree driverstore excitement. And it’s not just the acceleration to hundreds, which is a hefty crossover requires less than nine seconds, although the responsiveness of the accelerator, of course, laudable.

Mazda CX-9 manages without a hitch responsive to movement of the steering wheel and not afraid of a roll in corners. In fact, it is nothing scary. Understeer is close to neutral, the bow and stern to store an enviable devotion to the chosen trajectory driver. Note that this crossover is not only good for long distance marches, but also for everyday life in the city. Mazda remains almost the only manufacturer that thought to bring the signals of the sensors blind spot on the projection display, and in the case of a five-meter CX-9 this is of particular importance. Don’t have long to turn my head, wondering whether will manage to be reconstructed in the next number. All information about side noise – right before your eyes.

In gluttony not seen

The eyes, of course, at first were afraid to look at the figure of fuel consumption. But the average during the test the result was surprising: as already mentioned, 13.2 litres per hundred in the city, which is only a pint exceeds the nameplate data. Notice, however, that the only possibility to get at least close to the nominated road consumption of 7.3 liters per hundred is to move no faster than 90 km/h and not overtake. Perhaps, in real life, you need to rely on the country top ten, no less.

So not for nothing, of course. But still not terrible figures, like petrol seven-seat crossover with a capacity of more than two hundred horses. Which also respond at the first call of the driver, and all without exception.

We thank the company “AUTO international” for providing the test car.


Mazda CX-9: ZOOM Big

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