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Mazda is preparing a revolutionary motor

Mazda plans to introduce in Frankfurt the new generation of engine technology bazikalova ignition.

New engines Mazda technology, Homogenous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) can exceed the current gasoline engine efficiency by 30%, according to the publication Motoring.
Gasoline HCCI engines will work similar to diesel engines the principle, compressing the mixture of air and fuel in the cylinder prior to its ignition. According to the publication, the new engines Mazda, which will probably be presented under the brand name SkyActiv II will continue to use the spark plug at low speed and the high will be applied HCCI technology.
Previously with technology HCCI experimented GM and Mercedes-Benz, but the Japanese can become the first who comes to mass production. It is alleged that the SkyActiv engine II makes its debut on the Mazda 3 of new generation in 2018.

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