Mazda will bring to Frankfurt the revolutionary motor

In the family of engines SkyActive-X technology bazikalova ignition HCCI (Homogenous Charge Compression Ignition). These petrol units work on the same principle as the diesel power plant.

Thus, at low revs and high load the engine will continue to use spark ignition, and at high speeds will use the HCCI technology. This will improve efficiency by about 30 percent compared to current engines.

In addition, the new generation Japanese engines are even more economical — it is reported that the average fuel consumption will decrease from the current of 7.8 to 5.6 liters for every hundred kilometers.

The current generation Mazda3

After the debut on Mazda3 next generation revolutionary power units will appear under the hoods of the other new models, including rotary sports car Mazda RX-9. It should be noted that with technology HCCI experiment also concerns General Motors and Mercedes-Benz, but the Japanese will be the first, who brought it to serial production.

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