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Medalist apologized for blocking the road ambulance

Crossover Mercedes-Benz GLK c beautiful rooms а001кк196, which on December 27, blocked the road ambulance in the village near Yekaterinburg Michurinskiy, as it turned out, belongs to a skater Yulia Skokovi, the participant of the winter Olympics in Sochi.

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We will remind that from-for parked right outside the gates cars with symbolics of the Russian national team doctors could not get to the house and had to go to the sore foot.

It later emerged that Mercedes-Benz GLK belongs to the Julia Skokovi, the skater and bronze medalist of the Sochi Olympics, the car for this achievement she was awarded in 2014, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Network edition “E1.RU Yekaterinburg Online” managed to get a comment from the athletes about the incident with the wrong Parking:

“The fact that I returned from the championship of Russia late in the night. I did two laps, but was unable to Park and therefore was forced to stand in the gate of the neighboring house, our place was busy. Plus I had a lot of things that have long been unloaded. After I just didn’t have the strength to continue to look for a place, as it was already five in the morning. And went to sleep.I want to apologize to those people who are inconvenienced by their car. I hope that the reason for the ambulance call was non-critical”.

  • In mid-December, the traffic police of Ekaterinburg conducted a RAID to identify motorists not passing ambulances. On the car-the lure caught 29 offenders.
  • In the summer of 2017, a government Commission has approved a bill toughening penalties for failure to provide the benefits of the car “ambulance” on the road.

Photo: Artyom Korotayev/TASS

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