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Medspravka: how to get honest (but not understand why)

Driver’s medical assessment — a good thing or pointless? The question is rhetorical. Importantly, it is necessary. ZR found out whether you can save when making reference legal way.Sergei Zinoviev “Behind the wheel”

Not so long ago I had expired license. This has extended the knowledge about the current system of issuing medical certificates. It has evolved considerably, but only in the direction of extension of the range of corrupt services.

Ten years ago it was impossible to buy a help online, so anyway had to go to doctors. Previous help me for a quarter of an hour produced in the office of “the Medical Board” at the auto parts store. Two experts in white coats, alternately played the roles of therapist, neurologist, ophthalmologist, psychiatrist, psychiatrist and someone else. But, at least, measured pressure (like it’s the same forever!) and check to distinguish if W, B, M, N,… To word, table Sivtseva, developed in 1925, I memorized back in my childhood.

Now you can buy everything, not distinguishing red from green. Even the certificate of pregnancy, not to mention such stuff as medical report for the driver.

We are all honest!

The cost of obtaining the certificate in the capital starts about 1000. A lot of options. The cheapest — more or less real medical examination: you take the living doctors and put your desired print. The entire cycle takes, on advertising assurances from ten minutes to half an hour. There are very questionable “reference under the key” delivered to your house. Trying to give reference conventional clinics and hospitals, but they may not offer high speed service.

The pinnacle of evolution believe a site that claims, say, “our help is completely legitimate and there are the signatures and seals of the leading specialists of Moscow”. Service “with the psychiatrist and addiction” costs 3500 rubles.

In the end, I chose the intermediate option. Five minutes and 2,000 rubles in the neighboring lane received the completed certificate with the findings of conventional doctors and a photocopy of the license of medical institution. Manager of sales of certificates by filling the application form, explained: “the traffic police and other authorities check the authenticity of the medical references and licenses, so we are all honest”. And my reference really then successfully passed all tests.

Pass without restriction

But I still had to pay for the greed — visit two wonderful dispensary at his residence.

For sensitive people is not the most pleasant procedure: ‘ve probably run into fellow citizens, really consisting on the account.

Once motorists at the dispensaries hours of sitting in the corridors as a pair of dispensaries in the County with a million people is too little. Now probably the most picks in a roundabout way. Left help and faster and cheaper.

Overwork of doctors that tinkering with files, is rated high. Drug addiction needed to execute the contract, consent to survey and map the patient (why?), take a receipt for 750 rubles and run off to a particular Bank other form of payment is not provided.

In the mental hospital, too, fill the contract and to the patient (and then try to prove that you are not the patient!). But in the lobby is terminal, allowing to pay 1,000 rubles at the door. Terminal — provoking neurosis algorithm and partially atrophied sensors.

Why all this fuss for 1750 rubles, which took almost a whole day? The doctor-the psychiatrist asked if I was an alcoholic, and, receiving a negative reply, put signature and stamp. A psychiatrist once disingenuously expressed surprise when he heard that to get help you can do not visit any doctors and that my visit to him — an act of goodwill.

Cancel the medical certificate

Formally, the expiration date of certificate for ordinary drivers, not employed two years. In practice it is needed only when any changes in a driver’s license. And only in these cases, the freshness of the reference check. So for most Amateurs, the interval between the passing of the medical examination determined order of replacement driving licences — times in ten years. Health during such a period may undergo the most remarkable changes. And in some cases the driver has no idea.

The current form of the medical certificate is a tangible way of tax that law-abiding citizens, a brilliant idea officials are obliged to pay installments in three or four different places. The scheme is inconvenient. While objective health certificate is distantly related, as the doctors did the drivers do not check. And every person suffering from whatever ailments might just buy a certificate “turnkey”.

What is the meaning of such a certificate, in addition to fundraising and creating jobs?

A month ago the state Duma has accepted for consideration an amendment to the Federal law “On technical inspection of vehicles”. A group of deputies proposed to cancel it — for cars, used in passenger and commercial traffic.

In the explanatory note to the amendment stated: “it Seems that the current system of technical inspection because of the essential and significant technical flaws is not aimed at the prevention of road accidents, and is today an additional financial burden for owners of vehicles.”

It seems that the above is fully true for the driver’s certificate.

How do they have?

Directive 2006/126 the European Union “On driving licences” obligation to conduct medical examinations of drivers, a reference, tying their duration to the issuance and replacement of driving licenses (usually every ten years). However, the medical examination takes place according to different rules.

In some European countries screening is performed by a General practitioner, in others with the appropriate specialization and tolerance. In the event of ambiguities, the doctor guides the driver to specialists. In some countries the driver before the medical examination fills out a detailed Declaration, which lists the existing problems with health and all the disease. Concealing ailments that affect driving, is illegal. Inevitable, a thorough vision test, other parameters doctors say “visually”.

In Japan, only check vision. In the United States in addition to eye exams carried out an oral survey on a confidential basis: not whether, say, accounting, is not recognized by a court to be insane, will not suffer if diabetes? At the same time evaluates the hearing and response to questions. All this does not apply to professional drivers, which are annual and pre-trip medical examinations.

Interesting experience in the UK. The officer may at any time require the driver to read a number plate from a distance of 20 metres (this begins the exam for obtaining the rights). If something is wrong, the rights are taken to ascertain the circumstances. And the driver who committed the violation with a high degree of risk may submit to compulsory thorough medical examination.

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