Mercedes-AMG is preparing a heavy duty hybrid

Glava units of Mercedes-AMG Tobias Moers said in an interview with reporters that at present, work is underway on the production model, which will be equipped with a powerful hybrid.

The basis for the new development was presented in Geneva a prototype of the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept is equipped with a power unit on the basis of the four-liter petrol engine V8 twin-turbocharged located in rear wheel drive electric motor. Some of the technologies and systems hybrid AMG engineers have borrowed from the Mercedes Formula 1 car.

Officially announced that this will be able to develop to 805 HP and accelerate the car to first “hundred” in less than 3 seconds. For comparison, the most powerful version of the hybrid Porsche Panamera develops “only” 680 forces.

The top Manager has not yet revealed which model will receive this heavy duty hybrid installation.

Mercedes-AMG GT as a response to the Porsche Panamera

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