Mercedes-Benz will learn to signal the owner about the incident as you Park and will feature a chat-bot

Mercedes-Benz has developed a system that will notify the owner of the hacking attempts, evacuation or accident, when the car is in the Parking lot. It will be available for all models of the brand, equipped with special sensors. To control the operation of the system is possible via the mobile app.The function is activated automatically when you lock the doors. In case of detection of any impact on the car it sends a notification to the smartphone owner and duplicate it on the screen of the infotainment system.

The new system will be part of a number of podklyuchenii services that will be available to owners of Mercedes-Benz within the next year. Soon the company will add support for voice assistant Amazon Alexa in models released after September 2014, and equipped with telecommunications modules. Also Mercedes is developing mobile apps to control Windows and the panorama roof. For example, it is allowed to be a little to open the Windows to ventilate the room.
Also Mercedes-Benz has developed a virtual assistant “Ask Mercedes” (Ask Mercedes). Is a chat-bot based on artificial intelligence, feature augmented reality. He can answer questions about the vehicle systems, of the company and to determine the functionality of objects, e.g. buttons, using the camera of your smartphone.

To communicate with the bot through a mobile application or using the voice control system of the vehicle. It can also be used at home via Facebook Messenger and Google voice assistants Home, and Amazon Echo.

First, Ask Mercedes will be available for models E and S-Class in England, South Africa and Malaysia. Some of the functions of an assistant will also be available to customers in the United States. In 2018, the chatbot will present in India, Hong Kong and Germany.

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