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Mercedes E200 — Genesis G80: double gambit

Saying Genesis as a standalone brand, the parent company Hyundai, and God forbid it to sell more Solaris and Crete, we drove to one of the premium novelty after another. That’s already the king of the business class, popularly known as “eshkoy”, was startled by the apprehension in his possession an ambitious Genesis G80.

Mercedes E200 and Genesis G80

If you sit in a G80 in the back seat, once you understand the first move of the Koreans. They offer a future buyer to sacrifice the driver’s seat and just get high sitting in the back. Here, oblivious to the dull tubes, you can find enough entertainment or just think in silence.

To get on the market offensive tempo, the Koreans and even donated part of the profit possible giving the available set of great features to both passengers and the driver. The answer “tails”: will, speaking the language of chess, the victim, or offer their billet?

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Mercedes E200 — Genesis G80: double gambit


Mercedes E200 — Genesis G80: double gambit

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