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Mercedes with the symbols of the national team of Russia and thieves with numbers blocked the road ambulance

The incident occurred this morning in Michurinskoye near Yekaterinburg. Because parked at the gate of an expensive crossover came to call the medics were forced to go to the sore foot.

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This summer, the government panel has approved a bill toughening penalties for failure to provide the benefits of the car “ambulance” on the road, but what to do with situations where the offender is not in place? It is this incident captured on camera resident of the village of Michurinsky and sent pictures to the editor online edition “E1.RU Yekaterinburg Online”.

“No piece of paper with a phone number or alarm in the car. The car was kicked, beaten, but could not get through. Then found out that the owner lives in the house next door, somehow found her contacts, she got up and left. As she stood, two times came soon, once the doctors walked to the entrance, the second time — two children walked from the house to the ambulance,” — said the witness and added that the German crossover was standing at the gate since last night.

Exactly who belongs to the Mercedes-Benz GLK c beautiful rooms а001кк196 and symbols of the Russian national team, has not yet been set.

  • At the beginning of this year, a great public resonance was received by a tragic story that happened in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The ambulance crew are unable to reach the patient due to blocked the way of the car, waiting for doctors, a young man died.
  • In mid-December, the traffic police staged in Yekaterinburg, the RAID on the identification of drivers, not passing ambulances. On the car-the lure caught 29 offenders.


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