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Mi-mi-mi Swedish — babe unpacks a box truck Volvo

Creative PR-Department at Volvo Trucks surprised the next video, whose main character was a young boy. However, it is a pleasure to look and adult men, because almost everyone remembers the feeling of being removed from a cardboard box a new toy, which had long dreamed of.

Three-year-old fan of trucks so genuinely surprised by the request to remove the machine that infects the joy of others. Under the cardboard packaging, is exactly what put a large-scale model, is a new conventional truck tractor Volvo VNL. The kid manages not only to unpack the car, but also to climb inside the cabin, to look in the fridge, pull out a bottle of juice, lie on my bed and watch a movie on the LCD display of the truck. And even sit behind the wheel. That’s just to drive the truck from a cardboard captivity on the street he manages only with the help of a professional driver.

  • Marketers Volvo Trucks do not knowingly eat their own bread, they have so many amazing commercials that are really mini-movies. But while the crown of their creations — the epic split Jean-Claude van Damme. Better off still failed.
  • In a cute video in the style of horror starred the Director of engineering truck division of the Swedish company torbjörn Holstrom.
  • The girl four-year Volvo Trucks has entrusted to manage his truck. The developers themselves tensely watched will stand machine all of the tests, which will give him a small child.

Photo: YouTube

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