Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross: bright future glorious past

Sa few days before last call head teacher brought us to in a comic to talk about the future. Ask everyone: how he sees himself at the meeting dedicated to the tenth anniversary edition? Where you going to live? What to do, whom to work? What will come to this meeting? How obsessed with cars, I remember a classmates answers to the last question.
The design of the back caused a lot of controversy, but, in my opinion, a new job, Tsunehiro, Kunimoto, one of the “fathers” of crossover Nissan Juke, does not deserve criticism. Eclipse Cross absolutely recognizable and cool looks.

The yard was 2006. The world used to be a fan from the fast and the Furious and Need for Speed Underground 2. Acid-green Mitsubishi Eclipse Paul Walker in “the farm” by today’s standards, and the model was the object of adoration of all high school students. Of course, many have said that will buy a car just like this. Someone, remembering the movie “Taxi?2,” called Lancer Evo 6. My friend, not indifferent to the Motorsport had intended to buy the fifth “evic”, which in the WRC humiliated rivals Tommi Makinen.

Photos Eclipse Cross length 4405 mm seem smaller than it really is. It is 110 mm longer than the ASX, and 290mm shorter than the Outlander. With three splattermania same wheelbase – 2670 mm.

You can smash the brain, remembering when things Mitsubishi Motors gone awry. But it is foolish to deny: right now, a similar poll among the guys who are a year and a half have to pass on the right, and hardly anyone will dream of equipment Mitsubishi. The Japanese withdrew from the WRC and Dakar. The label EVO in the future going to hang on to “fat” electric SUV. And today I meet with the Eclipse crossover Cross. So, trying to enter a bright future glorious past, the Japanese buried their legends.

The interior is not lost on the background of competitors: the verified ergonomics, uncharacteristic for Mitsubishi abundance of soft plastic. Archaic washer control climate control (these were the ASX) in the past – a modern electronic unit. At the bottom of the console, two USB slot.

The development of this car in the Mitsubishi was doing well before the takeover by the Renault-Nissan Alliance. But if you think that Eclipse is Cross is designed to take over from the outdated ASX, I hasten to inform you: nothing of the kind. Eclipse Cross, built on the same platform as its older relatives Outlander and ASX, is extending the model range: with a length of 4405 mm, it is wedged right between them. So the logic in the positioning is. Externally, the Eclipse Cross is good because it makes people talk about you. And although the rear design is controversial, to call it a terrible language is not rotated. Remember the protest and awe, which in 2009 made us a new Land Cruiser Prado! Or the skepticism that accompanied the path on the conveyor crossover Nissan Juke. Today both of these machines are perceived quite ordinary. You will see that the same thing will happen with the new Mitsu.

Projection display are not all classmates. However, this invention is a.New multimedia system with touch screen and support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are familiar to Ramnicu Pajero Sport and is quite good: nice graphics, high resolution, almost reference performanceTouchpad, allows you to control media features borrowed from Lexus. The irony is that Lexus, it’s time to get rid of this awkward nonsenseProfile of the seat is quite good, and materials are now much more solid pseudomanas the game, which surprised ASX and OutlanderBut the quality of manufacturing test machines is depressing. Let’s hope that this is a special casein the Back is good: Eclipse Cross is much larger than the ASX, and no closer Outlander. The seat has a longitudinal adjustment (200 mm), the back is divided in the ratio 60:40 and is adjustable in angle of inclinationof the Claimed Luggage capacity in five-seat configuration from 341 to 488 litres depending on rear seat position. Additional amenities in the form of hooks or nets no. On the right side – the subwoofer the Rockford FosgateUnderground organizer convenient, but in our versions it will be replaced by a spare

What to market success… Here the forecast is less optimistic. Owning a classy interior with soft plastic, a modern entertainment system and a spacious rear row, Eclipse Cross caught up with competitors like the Nissan Qashqai and Subaru XV, which is related ASX obscene amount lost. But during the Eclipse Cross is disappointing: the familiar “empty” the wheel, the same tendency to buildup in high-speed turns. And again – mediocre smoothness of a course. But the Japanese have positioned Eclipse Cross as a driver’s car!

So this statement didn’t seem like a hoax or a silly joke, you need to carefully work your magic on the chassis. To take a sample of the Subaru XV and Mazda CX-5 and not come out with the factory of the polygon in Okazaki, where I now cut speed snake around the cones and attack speed banking. It is desirable to configure the chassis in the company of a competent supplier of racks and shock-absorbers. When the perfect balance is found, Eclipse Cross will truly be one of the most catchy crossovers in its class. The symbiosis of the variator and a-liter “turboservice” capacity of 163 power allows you to accelerate to hundreds in less than ten seconds. In addition to CVT will be offered a six-speed mechanics – in combination with front-wheel drive.

But I have a sad suspicion that if the Japanese will get to the Apple with the chassis tuning on large volume of sales they hope not. Nostalgia is a powerful emotion, but a lot of those guys ten years ago dreamed of the acid-green Eclipsa Paul Walker, today we need somewhere to put the stroller.

And Mitsubishi obviously need to change something. Perhaps in collaboration with the Renault-Nissan Alliance will make it somewhat easier.



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