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Mitsubishi Outlander on the secondary: all his problems

The second-generation Outlander (XL) sold in Russia in large quantities and different, despite some bad decisions, high survivability. Expert “Behind the wheel” selects the option without the inherent flaws and operational sores.Sergei Zinoviev “Behind the wheel”

Outlander second generation (index-XL) established on the basis of “tenth” of the Lancer, it was collected in Kaluga. Has design twins, this Peugeot 4007 and Citroen C-Crosser. When restyling (2009) added the front-drive version with the 2.0 motor, upgrade the rest of the motors with a focus on reducing consumption and toxicity, refreshed exterior and interior.


  • Roomy car with good geometrical passableness and without serious disease.
  • Reliable, simple and economical engines.
  • A good balance of comfort, dynamics and handling.

The lower flap of the tailgate forms a step, convenient for loading. Great solution! The spare tire mounted underneath.The lower flap of the tailgate forms a step, convenient for loading. Great solution! The spare tire mounted underneath.


  • To the restyling of the body lacked the rigidity that was manifested in the distortions of the glass, the creaking tailgate and “care” toe/camber rear wheels.
  • Insufficient insulation.
  • Harsh plastic interior is the source of “crickets”.


All engines — petrol. Two-liter (147 HP) came to us in 2009. In Russia the most popular were the car with the engine 2.4 (170 HP), as a three-liter V6 (220 HP) scared off by the price tag.

The 2.4 motor has a tendency to leak the crankshaft seal, crankshaft, engine, complete 3.0 is not very reliable thermostat, but all motors service men appreciate as trouble free and very reliable, with a resource of over 300 000 km Junior engines (4B11, 4В12) is equipped with a timing chain that lives 200-250 thousand. The V6 engine — belt drive, which requires regular inspections and replacement.


In the range of transmission of the traditional “loser” — variable. This Jatco F011E (classification Mitsubishi — F1CJA/W1CJA), an old friend in many models of Nissan and Renault. Dorestaylingovyh option it is better to avoid, but the upgraded unit longevity is no different to the 100 000-120 000 km often requires a global repair or replacement of the Assembly. Although many instances live up to 200 thousand.

Mechanics (five or six steps) highly reliable, but the cars m / t was bought bad, according to their a little on the secondary. A six-speed automatic transmission just put on the three-liter version; it also does not cause any complaints and is considered one of the world’s best hydromechanik.

The complete drive is implemented typical SUV way — multi-disc friction clutch which automatically connects the rear axle at the direction of electronics. Clutch overheats quickly with the slip, so not Outlander ATV. Weak link — a suspension bearing: it wears out pretty soon.


  • On cars with engines of 2.0 and 2.4 often fails the a / C compressor.
  • These motors require control of the tension of the alternator belt (he leads the coolant pump) — wear guide rollers is significant and fraught with slipping belt.
  • Brake discs wear out quickly, and on machines with motor 3.0 — fast.
  • Constant driving on bad roads backfire by accelerating the degradation of wheel bearings, stabilizer bushings, steering ends, springs and shock absorbers; on many instances to rear spring SAG even with small runs.
  • The double door of the trunk is susceptible to corrosion and rot faster than the rest of the body.

Euro NCAP: the year 2007: overall rating — four stars. Driver/passenger — four stars; child — three stars; pedestrian two stars.

The most popular offer on the secondary: Outlander 2.4 CVT 4×4.

OPTIMAL CHOICE: Outlander 2.0 MKP 4×2

FOR the SAME MONEY: Nissan X-Trail, Toyota RAV4, VW Tiguan, Kia Sportage, Hyundai Tucson.

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Photo: Mitsubishi

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