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Mitsubishi will teach machines to show maneuvers before performing them

At the end of October at the Tokyo motor show, Mitsubishi Electric will introduce the concept-EMIRAI4 equipped with an innovative alert system for upcoming maneuvers. It consists of light panels and projectors markings on the road surface.

Manufacturers of premium cars today equip their models with projectors that are in the dark highlight on the road brand logo, however, this technology can be found and practical application, experts believe Mitsubishi Electric. According to them, 60% of accidents involving pedestrians occurs at night, and a new visual alert is to reduce the number of collisions on the roads people and cars.

The idea is to project onto the roadway signs warning the movement about in what direction will go this or that machine. For example, if the driver shifted into reverse, then immediately astern of the car on the pavement there is a big light arrow showing the direction of movement. At turns luminous symbols, respectively, appear to the left or right. It is also proposed to project onto the road a special layout when opening the door, bounding their size.

In addition to the light projections on the road, Mitsubishi Electric offers to embed a glowing panel in the surface of the body and show different warning signs — specifically this idea, however, is not the original and played on many conceptcars from other manufacturers, such as Toyota company.

Mitsubishi Electric emphasizes the importance of light projections in light of the coming era of Autonomous driving: people will know in advance in what direction will go a soulless machine governed by artificial intelligence, and thus less to fear them.

  • Mitsubishi Motors will display at Tokyo concept cars e-EVOLUTION, which is a harbinger replace legendary Lancer Evolution.

Photo: Mitsubishi Electric

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