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MKAD will be free! For this again dug up the centre of Moscow

In the capital there will be a new Grand project: the mayor Sergey Sobyanin planned to connect the Central diameters of all Moscow train stations and facilitate passenger trains transit through the city. In addition, this project will relieve the peripheral roads, particularly the ring road.

Moscow ring road is now undergoing a major reconstruction, which in the next 6-8 years will be spent 90 billion rubles. New interchanges in conjunction with roads-doublers should significantly increase the capacity of the ring road, and the extra 3% it will grow by building end-to-end diameters of the Moscow railway in the city centre.

“Only this one project will discharge about 3% of the MKAD, according to our calculations. Today, half of all cars passing through the territory of Moscow is the Moscow machine. These cars from the Moscow region and other regions”, — quotes Sergei Sobyanin official site of urban policy and construction of Moscow.

According to the mayor, now people go to Moscow on personal cars because they are uncomfortable to use public transport, specifically the trains, and if you organize the city through rail, that to get to the desired point will be what is called, in one sitting, direct.

Currently the median when there are only between Belarusian, Savelovskaya, Kursk and Riga stations, and in the future it is expected to merge into a single transport system all nine Metropolitan stations and to create among them 17 new through-routes. In addition, in Moscow there will be two new modern station.

Sergei Sobyanin aware of the complexity of the project, because downtown will once again have to dig, but he said that not afraid of difficulties, the more that the project of creating a Central diameters have supported Vladimir Putin.

The cost and timing of the project is still unknown, at the moment is a set of preparatory works on the easiest plot in the area of three stations (Leningradsky, Yaroslavsky and Kazansky), and the plan for the reconstruction of the Kiev direction.

  • In addition to the new Railways, the mayor Sobyanin plans to build automobile overpasses using existing. In October, he has opened traffic on the new overpass at the South-East of the city, which connected Yuzhnoportovy district with Printers.

Photo: AGN “Moscow” Valery sharifulin/TASS

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