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More reflectors! Suburban roads will be safer

More than 600 roads in the Moscow region with a total length of 160 kilometers in 2019 will have the reflectors on the center markings.Artem Orlov

To improve safety on the roads in the suburbs decided to install more reflectors. Now the reflectors of the type KD-3 has 50 km of 35 roads in the region.

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“Moscow region is the first region in Russia, which uses the reflectors on the center road markings. This year over 80 thousand reflectors will appear on sharp turns and curves the most accident-prone road sections in 37 municipalities. Reflective elements on the center marking to alert drivers on the road in low visibility conditions, as well as have a noise effect in the event of a collision to a solid line, thereby reducing the likelihood of leaving the lane of oncoming traffic and avoid head-on collisions, which is one of the major causes of mortality in road accidents,” — said the Minister of transport and road infrastructure of the Moscow region Alexei Gerik.

These items are made of high impact plastic, have a convex shape, can withstand sudden changes in temperature and precipitation, and when hitting them, the vehicle driver feels the vibration and noise, increasing concentration and allows time to understand that the car left the band. In addition, the reflectors make it easier to navigate in the dark or in conditions of poor visibility.

Most reflectors will be installed in urban districts Bogorodskiy, Ozery, Kolomna, Yegoryevsk, Sergiev Posad, Istra, Stupino. On the road: the M-7 Volga — Elektrougli, M-5 Ural — Kolomna — M-5 Ural, Kolomna — Ozery, Sergiev-Posad — Kalyazin — Rybinsk — Cherepovets, Volokolamsk highway, Syrevo — Tatarinovo — Sidorovo, within these municipalities, the reflectors will appear on all dangerous curves.

  • Earlier, the Ministry of transport proposed to change the color double solid lines, making it more informative.

Photo: Ministry of transport and road infrastructure of the Moscow region

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