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Moscow everywhere puts concrete blocks from buses

After the tragedy that occurred this week in Moscow, the city authorities have urgently decided to protect the pedestrian subways at the stations, installing in front of concrete blocks.

We will remind that on Monday in Moscow the bus has rolled onto the sidewalk at the bus stop in the area of metro station “Slavic Boulevard”, and then, gaining speed, drove into the underpass. In the result 4 people died, 11 were wounded. The investigation into the tragedy continues.

The Moscow authorities, apparently, decided to demonstrate his concern for the citizens was urgently taken to protect them. The first was carried out a total inspection of all buses, despite the fact that the bus that caused a car accident, belongs to GUP “Mostransavto”, that is, the suburban carrier.

On the eve at pedestrian crossings near metro stations began to appear concrete blocks that the idea of the authorities have to stop the vehicle. According to eyewitnesses, the units are installed not only at the metro station “Slavic Boulevard”, but “Kaluga”, “Vyhino”, “Altufevo”, “Ryazansky prospect”.

In this case, the utility is clearly not imagine how a similar boom: the blocks are placed at different distances in a mess and look like a “tick” on work accomplished, rather than real protection of pedestrians.

Without a doubt, the concrete block is able to stop the car. But in the video above you can clearly see what happens when such fence cuts multi-ton bus. The next blocks are simply destroyed, and almost all improvised fence of road works from the blocks shifted from his seat. That mounted close to the ladder unit can tip over on her and only increase the number of victims in Moscow, it seems, is also not thinking.

  • The interior Ministry has proposed to establish a register of bus operators whose vehicles regularly get into accidents.
  • After the July series of tragic accidents involving buses, the police started a mass screening of passenger traffic. Only for the month was 227 identified drunk drivers of passenger vehicles.


Video: YouTube

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