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Moscow has collected from drivers of the budget of a small region

The Moscow authorities have reported on how much was added to the city budget at the expense of the drivers who paid for Parking, and lists penalties for various traffic violations.

Authorities of the capital can be proud of themselves: in the past year, Moscow has set a record for fees from drivers. We are talking about the paid Parking lots, which brought in the budget of 5.1 billion rubles (+21% by 2016) and 16.6 billion rubles of fines that drivers pay into the Treasury of the city (+26%). That is a total of drivers has collected almost 22 billion. Analysts said that with the average budget of the region in the Central Federal district 40 billion roubles of this amount, respectively, is more than half. Which, of course, can not but arouse the envy of the neighbors.

Thus in 2018, it is likely that the record will be broken. The city authorities, at least, do everything for it. The number of Parking spaces in the city centre has been steadily declining, which means drivers are forced to Park violations.

If five years ago in the borders of the Garden ring was Parking on 15 thousand cars by 2018 legal Parking spaces there are only 3600, “Vedomosti” reports that examined the operational results of the execution of city budget of Moscow. The head of diptrans Moscow Maxim Liksutov, the mayor of the city Sergey Sobyanin saying that the employment of Parking spaces shall not exceed 70%: it is necessary that the driver always found a Parking space. Handling is possible only through increase in tariffs, which are now in some areas has already reached 200 RUB per hour. Further increasing the cost of Parking is likely to happen after the election of the President of Russia.

At the same time the city authorities extend the paid Parking zone, bringing it to the borders of MKAD. In 2016, the Park appeared in residential areas by “numerous requests of local residents”, this year it is possible to further her point extension.

At city hall say that all funds go to the improvement, repair, and subsidies for the installation of barriers and other targets to the local councils, where there are paid Parking areas. However, to track how this money is spent, it is very difficult, said Control and accounting chamber of Moscow.

In the capital there are very high fines for some violations, the proceeds of which go to the city budget. For Parking in a prohibited place is 3,000 rubles for unpaid Parking tickets — 2,500 roubles. But there is also the fine for Parking on the lawn which is 5000 RUB. however, even in the mayor’s office find it difficult to give a definition of “lawn”, does not exist, and in Federal legislation.

  • In the coming years in the Parking and tow Moscow plans to spend 21 billion roubles, that is, the annual budget of the smallest Russian city.
  • Independent lawyer Ivan Hedgehogs calculated that the paid Parking bring only losses, costs for their creation have exceeded revenues.

Photo: Dmitry Serebryakov/TASS

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