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Motorcyclists began to be fined for tinting…

Many motorcyclists tinted windshield or even replace it with a dull plastic cap in order that the sun does not shoot devices. But the traffic police reminded that this is contrary to the SDA.

It is no secret that most sport motorcycles windscreen performs rather the role of the fairing for improved aerodynamics. Therefore, many motorcyclists tinted glass or even replace it with a plastic cap so that the devices do not shoot into the sun.

That windscreen motorcycle for the law is no different from the windshield of the car, in the traffic police reminded of Togliatti. There at the weekend, raided, during which in addition to the seven car drivers for toning was fined and drivers of two-wheeled vehicles (2 motorcycle and 2 drivers of scooters).

Indeed, the “Basic provisions for the admission of vehicles…” do not allow window tinting, not corresponding GOST 5727-88 (it does not allow the tinted glass of the front hemisphere of the vehicle). No separation of cars and motorcycles in this application no.

Earlier, the traffic police did not react on tinted windshields on motorcycles: normally, and without them there is something to complain about (non-standard exhaust, bumpers, lights, etc.). However not the fact that the initiative of Togliatti traffic police will not pick up in other regions.

  • The state Duma planned to increase the fine for illegal tint in the last year. But the consideration of these amendments was postponed.
  • Toning is not the greatest evil, which brings the motorcycles. Most of them are fitted with loud straight-through mufflers. In the survey on the website ZR it turned out that the majority considers it necessary to seriously toughen the penalties for owners of loud vehicles.

Photo: traffic police of Togliatti

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