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Musk gave Tesla Lukashenko. Or is it not presented?

At a meeting with high school students at the new school in Minsk, Alexander Lukashenko boasted that the electric car Tesla gave him himself Elon Musk than all very surprised.Elena Alekseeva

The Internet rapidly discuss the statement of Alexander Lukashenko that the electric Tesla Model S he gave himself Elon Musk.

“I sometimes it (Tesla) test. Musk gave. Then he saw me on the bike and said: “Listen, you have the President on a two-wheeled bike?” — boasted Lukashenko.

Twitter user turned to a Mask for explanations: “You gave the car to Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko?”. The answer of the founder of Tesla was very brief: “uh, no”.

Now I wonder if that was referring to Lukashenko? Or still disingenuous Mask? However, such gifts are not in the style of Elon musk. Billionaire first gave electric cars — his mother and ex-girlfriend. Lukashenko in this series does not fit.

Lukashenka really is top-end Tesla Model S with two motors, all-wheel drive and battery high-capacity — 100 kW·h. This Model S can accelerate to hundreds in less than three seconds.

  • Earlier, Lukashenko at a meeting with scientists saying that the country needs more electric cars in the country too much electricity!


Video: YouTube

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