Musk will buy Tesla for 72 billion dollars

Onthis Musk announced on Twitter: “Going to buy out Tesla for $420 (per share). Funding secured”. At that price, shares and current market capitalization of Tesla, the deal could reach about $72 billion, according to the portal Axios and does $85 billion, including debt.

However, the Mask does not have to pay the full amount, since he already owns about 20% the American manufacturer of electric cars. At the same time, he stressed that the obstacle to redemption of shares may be to obtain approval from the shareholders.

Tweet Mask resulted in some chaos in the market securities — the Nasdaq stock exchange even suspended trading in shares of Tesla and resumed it only after the Musk has provided the necessary clarification. And many authoritative experts, given the huge amount required for redemption of securities, considered the statement a joke.

Nevertheless, this is a short message on Twitter caused an 11-percent jump in the cost of Tesla stock. Bravo, Elon!

Recall that in the previous quarter, the company suffered losses in size 717,5 million dollars. Compared to the same period last year losses have almost doubled.

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