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My first car: happy “seven”

The fondest memories usually remain from the first machine. I was, like many, has been the domestic “classics” — VAZ-2107.

It so happened that this car originally did not want to buy. My friend went in those years on his father’s “six”, and for me then this car was almost a foreign car. So trips to the car dealerships started with the desire to buy a “zero check”, as they called the new sedan VAZ-2106.

As I bought the car

The end of the nineties — the heyday of many grey dealers. With them, and began to search for a first car in life, because there the price tag was moderate. I remember we came to the metro station “Aviamotornaya”. Now, this is a new house, and then there were the remnants of the depot, where guests from the southern republics traded cars. First inspected my car wouldn’t start, the second didn’t have a spare and Jack, apparently, someone stole the third Troilus motor. And this situation was in many so-called showrooms. The new machine was in a terrible state. Searches made on the territory of the plant “Hammer and Sickle”. There was a salon, “Alan Autoworld”. And again the same situation with the “sixes”. Do not start. But the blue “seven” started.

One of the few photos 1999, which has been preserved. Braid on the steering wheel — the first revision of the car.One of the few photos 1999, which has been preserved. Braid on the steering wheel — the first revision of the car.

Looked at the car… the engine runs smooth, the seats are more comfortable than the “Shah”. Besides, the car is made anticorrosive. However, is a little more expensive than 2106. Well, okay, I decided. Endured, but I will have a Car. So I became the owner of the first car in my life.

After the transaction of purchase and sale received the documents and found that the PTS were only two spots, and I’m the fifth owner of the car. Before me car was owned by a different company (one or two days). Apparently, traders have optimized the taxes. Well, I do something with that? Blue “seven” seemed to be a Mercedes. At least in the cabin disgusting smell of Antikor, and from the trunk I scooped up a handful of screws, the feeling of owning their own means of transportation has caused wild enthusiasm.

The first thing done, bought a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, warning triangle, floor mats, and a little later we put the radio and speakers. Audio has established himself as one of living large chains selling household appliances.


Finished the first two thousand miles and one under the car saw a couple of dark drops. Realizing that this is the oil neighbor at the garage said the car must “stretch”. This process — something like presales, which then sellers did not. Went to the service, who recommended the same neighbor, and the mechanics checked the suspension. Tightened a few loose bolts in the undercarriage and extended the sump of the gearbox. It was from leaking oil. Drops disappeared. Then embedded in the fuel line the fuel filter.

The weak point of the “sevens” were locks, with time the left rear door was hard to close, and the trunk, on the contrary, is itself open. After the locks have adjusted, the problems disappeared.The weak point of the “sevens” were locks, with time the left rear door was hard to close, and the trunk, on the contrary, is itself open. After the locks have adjusted, the problems disappeared.

Without any problems of travel until the first frost. The question arose of buying winter tires.

I hadn’t worked in the magazine “Behind the wheel”, but regularly read it. Especially with regard to tires and comparative test cars. Then the coolest rubber test results had become Finnish Hakkapelitta and 2 Gislaved Nord Frost 3. The latter was cheaper Nokia, that’s why it was chosen. Put on stamped discs, and the summer, BL-82 was removed to the garage.

At school, Tsygankova

Then I went to study in driving school, which was the physical culture Institute, and led her to Ernest Tsygankov. Five days speed training and extreme driving. Drifts, turns, cornering with contrasenyes. “Seven” seemed to be a race car, if not for the oak wheel. Seven pots went when I twisted it.

The tires on the ice worked fine. On his “seven” I was ahead of even the front-drive car. And in the evening at the weekend, took a few lessons in absentia. On the court I was engaged in some pathetic people on Mitsubishi Lancer Evo. He was genuinely offended when I saw that on an icy road I catch up.

The first failure

Spring brought the first surprises. “Bloom” rust rims. Changed the plugs and wires. The last have melted. Here is the quality of domestic parts. By the way about quality. Later, under the Mat, found a puddle, and the antifreeze level in the reservoir decreased. Came out heater radiator. It happened on the road, when had no antifreeze for topping up. Pulled up to the service. There blocked the hose going to the stove, but antifreeze to top up are unable, as they themselves were not. The wizard warned that supposedly share, but I forgot about it. And as a consequence began to boil on the ring road. Stood with open hood, wait until the machine has cooled down, and slowly went to the dealership to buy the antifreeze. More overheating was not.

There was another problem — weakened trunk lock, and the lid started to open. Annoyed that it happened at the most inopportune moment. Both in movement and parked. In General, she lived her life before I pulled.


The first car is the first. To compare with, because he liked it. Me not knowing cars, the seats seemed comfortable, they adjust enough, and the dynamics of acceleration, in principle, satisfied. He liked to work the transmission. Anything that the rear was included with a distinctive crunch. All after all worked. Smoothness? Went, thanks for that. Somewhere smooth, somewhere not very good, and the chassis can withstand a lot.

In “seven” I got a lot of things. Just some stuff I moved to the country. The car is roomy — that’s a fact. And I don’t regret that he was the first in my life.

My first car: happy “seven”My first car: happy “the seven”Photo: “Behind the wheel.Of the Russian Federation” , Gamyanin Maxim “Behind the wheel”

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