Named a cars with best and worst lights

According to the Insurance Institute for highway safety USA (IIHS), the headlights more than half of the vehicles tested by the organization in 2018, not enough to illuminate the road and blind drivers of oncoming cars.

And checked no less than 165 cars and 424 variant lighting. Moreover, positive evaluation of the test results received only 32 models. 58 models rated as “acceptable”, 32 — “weak”, 43 received a lower score. According to the results of studies of IIHS stated that the lights 67 percent of the tested cars do not meet current safety requirements.

The main problem of optics — blinding high beam or too poor visibility. The best were led headlamp G90 Genesis and Lexus NX. The rating “good” got the Chevrolet Volt, G80 Genesis, Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Toyota Camry. The tests showed that the result does not depend on the class — among the outsiders was and cars in the premium segment.

During the tests simulated a series of driving situations — on the straights and in the four types of turns (right and left turns, smooth and sharp turns). for example, driving straight, smooth and sharp turns left and right. The brightness of the light and glare was measured using a special device, separately dipped separately in the far. The results were compared with some “ideal” optics.

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“Drivers don’t have to buy the top-end configuration of the cars to get the lights they need for safe riding at night. Even in the database all new cars must be good optics,” — said the Manager on testing of active safety IIHS David Aylor.

The first night the test head optics American insurance Institute for highway safety IIHS conducted in 2016. Then three dozen cars, only one had a good rating — the Toyota Prius V, and ten failed the test.

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