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Named the average load of the Crimean bridge: 15 thousand vehicles per day

The information center “Crimean bridge” counted the number of cars that drove on the bridge since its opening. It turned out that a half years it raced, 8 million cars.Marina Govorova


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Of these 8 million vehicles to 103 thousand buses and 795 thousand trucks.

Highest monthly traffic in both directions recorded in August of the current year: one million cars. The daily record was in August 12: 35 989 vehicles per 24 hours.

The specialists of the information centre also found, the residents of which regions were most often using this road. It turned out that the bridge often drive inhabitants of the Crimean Peninsula, Krasnodar territory, Moscow and St. Petersburg. Also frequent guests “of the Soviet resorts” who prefer to travel on personal cars, are inhabitants of Stavropol territory, the Rostov, Volgograd, Voronezh, Samara, Kaluga, Moscow and Leningrad regions.

The experts also held a small mathematical calculation, by setting the benefits of this kind of travel. It turned out that the owners and carriers who took advantage of the Crimean bridge instead of the ferry, from may 16, 2018 saved almost 26 billion rubles.

During one trip on the ferry (from the port “Crimea” to the port Kavkaz or in the opposite direction) you have to pay from 1.5 to 19.5 thousand rubles, depending on the type and dimensions of the car. Moving well under their own steam across the bridge, the drivers spent only on gasoline.

Operation of the road is in normal mode, specified in the production control Center on the Taman shore. For the smooth functioning of the track meet more than 140 employees — at their disposal 35 pieces of road equipment. Operate automatic systems that inform drivers about the procedure depending on weather conditions. In parallel, under engineering supervision supports and spans with the help of instruments and sensors.

  • The launch of trucks on the Crimean bridge were postponed because of the unusual finds.


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