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Nervous pedestrians — what to do with them experienced driver?

Half of all accidents in the Russian cities are pedestrians. And what you did in a difficult situation, not to fill up the sad statistics?

Imagine the situation. You drive in the left lane on a busy street with three lanes in each direction. Excellent visibility, the road surface dry, smooth, allowing you to move with the maximum allowed in the city at 60 km/h Ahead, forty meters away, an unregulated pedestrian crossing. The life raft is a group of people. Some of them just finished the transition counter for you side of the road and intend to continue on my way. Some glances at the bus stop, located 20 metres behind the transition. She was approached by the bus, and started planting.

For your car you possess a number of no one, but on the middle lane thirty meters behind the approaching car. Its speed is higher than yours. What an unexpected and unpleasant consequences threatens to turn into this situation? Have you been in this situation?

Several scenarios are proposed to choose optimum, in your opinion, and vote for him. A “debriefing” read on the next page.

Yesterday, at 10:00

You are approaching a pedestrian crossing. And on the other side of the road slows the bus at the bus stop. And there are nervous pedestrians near the crossing. What to do?

1. Apply the brakes before moving, with their emergency signals 2. Slow down in advance to the driver in the middle row is also able to assess the situation 3. Turn on right turn signal, rebuilt front of a yellow car and stop at the transition.Vote


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