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New answers GIBDD — damage without movement, foreign rights, favorite rooms

Is it possible to consolidate the registration number issued in another region? The car was damaged during a stop at a traffic light — what to do? Is there any justice for motorcyclists riding at night?

On questions of readers responds the Deputy chief of head Department on safety of traffic of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia the General-the major of police Vladimir Kuzin.


Want to outweigh your numbers to another machine. Can I do it in the suburbs, if the numbers were given in Moscow (code 77)?

Sergei MIKHAILOV, Moscow oblast

For replacing state license plates you can apply to any registration division of traffic police throughout the Russian Federation. Digital code registration plates deposited for subsequent installation to the newly purchased or previously registered vehicle, in this case does not matter. These are the requirements of the Administrative regulations of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation on granting of the state service for registration of motor vehicles and trailers, approved by order of the Ministry of interior of Russia dated August 7, 2013 № 605.


From June 1 it is forbidden to work as a driver without a Russian driver’s license. Whether it is the requirement of the Abkhazian rights granted to citizens of Russia? If so, where and how can I get a Russian license?

YATIR, Abkhazia

In accordance with article 25 of the Federal law from December 10, 1995 № 196‑FZ “About safety of traffic”, not allowed to drive vehicles on the basis of foreign national or international driving licenses while carrying out entrepreneurial and professional activity. Driver’s license issued by the competent authorities of foreign States, including Abkhazia, is a foreign one. Therefore, if you plan to do in Russia for these activities, it is necessary to obtain a Russian driver’s license.

Since you already have a driving license obtained in Abkhazia, the rules examination for the right to drive vehicles and driver licensing provide for a simplified procedure in exchange for Russian. It is necessary to submit to any examination division of traffic police, on whose territory you currently live or are staying, a medical report on presence (about absence) of medical contraindications to driving and to pass theoretical and practical exams. Foreign national driver’s license on the basis of which is to give Russian national driving license, will return to the owner.


Began the season. On University Avenue, where I live, now sleepless nights. Is there no Council on motorcyclists that Wake up half the city?


The Council is. If the level of noise produced during operation of the motorcycle exceeds the standards that sets GOST R 41.41–2001 “Uniform provisions concerning the approval of motor cycles with regard to noise”, the operation of such a motorcycle is an administrative offense. The responsibility for its Commission is established by article 8.23 of the administrative code. Control technical condition of vehicles, including for compliance with the requirements of this standard, is carried out according to Administrative regulations of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia, approved by the Ministry of internal Affairs order of 14 November 2016 No. 727.


During a stop at a traffic light the driver of the next car opened the door and shot my car, it resulted in a dent. Called in GAI, and we were told that it was not an accident and they will not come. Was advised to go to the district. Eventually, the culprit paid me the money and we left. How would you rate the actions of their subordinates?


Paragraph 12.7 of the SDA prohibits open the doors of the vehicle, if it would create interference to other traffic participants. Despite the fact that both of the vehicle at the time of the incident was fixed, the damage was caused in the process of their participation in road traffic. Thus, the damage is the result of an accident, therefore, registration of necessary documents is the prerogative of the police. They admitted the fact of violation of requirements of the legislation you can report to higher offices, including the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia, for proper verification and response.

However, I would like to remind you that, in accordance with the specified Rules, in the mentioned case you can do without the arrival of the police on the scene than you did. Paragraph 2.6.1 of the Rules allows you to arrange the accident on their own when there is no dispute about the culprit and the extent of damage, and the crash involved two vehicles whose drivers are insured for CTP (evroprotokol). Simply fill out the form of notification about the accident and contact your insurance company. The maximum amount of compensation for insurance shall not exceed 50 thousand rubles. If in doubt, execute the necessary documents at the nearest post road patrol or police unit, previously part of a scheme crash. You can not prepare the documents about the accident, if the damaged vehicle or other property only parties to the accident, and obtaining certificates is not necessary.


Evacuated the car of his wife. When I went to the traffic police to obtain permission of the vehicle out of impound, I was denied because no insurance policy (stayed in the car). In the end, the policy I was charged — but what are the reasons for the first refusal? A clear explanation from the inspectors and have not received.

PAUL, Moscow

In accordance with part 8 of article 27.13 of the administrative code, a copy of the Protocol on the detention of the vehicle, made in the absence of the driver, with the decision of the officials on the return of the detained vehicle is given to the owner, his representative or person having the required to control a vehicle documents immediately after the cause of detention. The list of documents required for vehicle control is contained in item 2.1.1 of traffic regulations, and it is referred to the insurance policy owner of the vehicle (printout in case of e-policy).

Photo: Alexander Alpatkin/TASS

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