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New benefits when buying a car on credit

The Cabinet of the Russian Federation changed the procedure of granting subsidies on loans and leases special programs “the Family car”, “First car”, “Russian tractor”, “Russian farmer” and “His work”.

According to the document posted on the website of the Cabinet, high discount loan program will benefit only those buyers who have two or more minor children (the “Family car”) and those who buy the car for the first time (the program “First car”). These two programs in 2017 you can obtain a discount of 10% of the value of the car. You can purchase a vehicle assembled in Russia in 2016-2017, costing no more 1.45 million rubles. The document specially stipulates that applicants for “First car” must have a driver’s license and a certificate from the credit Bureau that in 2017 they had not entered into other loan agreements for the purchase of the car.

The plans of the Ministry of industry and trade programme “Family car” and “First car” to sell at least of 58.35 thousand cars on credit at a reduced rate. On payment discounts allocated 3,75 billion rubles.

Changes were made to the program of preferential leasing, which applies to commercial vehicles. This program the government will continue and in 2017, and will expand: the citizens and the organizations entering into the lease agreement with mainline tractors programme “Russian tractor”, as well as agricultural producers under the program “Russian farmer” and representatives of small and medium business program “Your business” will provide additional one-time discount of 12.5%.

This new target program it is planned to implement at least 27.3 thousand units of equipment for various purposes. Has allocated 3,75 billion rubles.

  • Only in 2017 on additional measures to support the automotive industry, the government will transfer 62.3 billion rubles.
  • In Russia, the growing sales of cars and light commercial vehicles in June 2017, they immediately increased by 15%, and increasingly growing sales of public sector employees, largely due to the state support programmes, which apply only to the mass segment.

Photo: Valery Matytsin/TASS

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