New BMW X5 appeared in the photo

Withfishing at the pictures in which the crossover first appeared without camouflage, the model will undergo a number of significant changes. So, led headlights and the front bumper resembles the new little brother of the BMW X3, behind his narrowed optics X4 is more reminiscent of the last generation.

The length of the BMW X5, the new generation rose by 36 mm (up to 4922) width 66 (up to 2004), height 19 mm (to 1781). Grew up and the wheelbase – to 2975 mm (2933). Despite the increase in size, it is assumed that in comparison with the predecessor of the Bavarian “SUV” will be lighter and stiffer by increasing the share of aluminium and Kevlar in the bodywork.

The basis of the BMW X5, the fourth generation went modular platform CLAR with dvurychanski front and rear memorycache. In addition pneumolysin on both axles crossover gets a power steering with variable gear ratios, an electronically dampers, polnopravnym chassis and active stabilizer bars.

It is expected that the new generation BMW X5 will be equipped with two-liter gasoline turbo engine with a power of 252 HP and the same “diesel” impact 231 HP in addition, the expected appearance of the three-litre “sixes” and the V8 engine capacity of up to 600 forces for modification of M. regardless of the performance of all “x-fifth” will detach eight-speed automatic.

World premiere of the new “x-fifth” will take place at the motor show in Paris in October 2018. Crossover will be collected at the plant in South Carolina, the start of sales is scheduled for the winter of 2018.

Crossover BMW X3 switched to electricity

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