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New free service: revocable campaign for each machine

To get information about the recall is now possible at any time by checking the VIN code at the base of Rosstandart.Alexander Khlynov


Is it possible to discourage unfair ticket? You can! Here is an example

New search appeared on the website of Rosstandart. In fact, created a single database of service campaigns, allowing to know about that, said if a car or other vehicle at any time. To do this, just enter its VIN code in the search box. The new service is free and available to all.

The public access is laid out and the entire registry of revoked vehicles, which is updated daily and can be used for non-commercial services.

“Let me stress that this is open data and everyone can use them for non-commercial purposes. A main goal of this work is to increase safety on the roads”, — said the Deputy head of Rosstandart Alexey Kuleshov.

The emergence of a unified database is the first step of a new project to inform car owners. Next year on the website of Rosstandart appears private offices vehicle manufacturers through which they can inform the owners about the new service campaigns and note which cars or motorcycles were repaired in the course of the reviews.

  • In Russia there also will be the base of the worst offenders of traffic rules.

Photo: Sam Albury / Unsplash

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