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New Lancia Stratos still launch!

Presented eight years ago, Stratos supercar based on the legendary rally car of the 70s suddenly got a lease of life. The production version will be shown in March at the Geneva motor show.

The New Stratos project was conceived ten years ago by Michael Storecom, German entrepreneur and CEO Brose Group, which manufactures automotive components. He bought Lanci right to use the name of the model and large invested in the development of the supercar, which at a new technological level was embodied the idea of a racing car of the 70s. the Original Stratos, the Italians created for rally factory team Lancia won it three League titles (1974, 1975 and 1976), and the New Stratos was developed as a commercial small-scale model for wealthy motorists.

The new Stratos formed components and assemblies Ferrari 430 Scuderia, including a 4.3-liter naturally aspirated V8 with a capacity of 540 HP and 6-speed robotized gearbox. The body has developed then Saab designer Jason Kastriot, and exhibition design, which was presented in autumn 2010 in Turin, produced by Pininfarina.

The world press and car enthusiasts with a enthusiasm for novelty. Conducted test drives showed that the reborn Stratos is perfectly balanced and rides even better than the donor compartment of the Ferrari. Scuderia such remarks created by the Germans cars are not liked, she’s refused to supply the developers of the new Stratos components and banned Pininfarina to do to his body. This New Stratos project has stalled while the car was replicated in the form of a scale copies and received virtual embodiment in several popular computer games.

This week it became known that the Italian company Manifattura Automobili Torino, working piece racing and sports cars, agreed with the Germans on the launch of the new Stratos in the series. They will be 25 copies. Design, apparently, will be the same as that of the prototype eight years ago, but what would be the power unit, is still unknown — claimed only the power of over 550 HP Supercar will be offered in two versions: the GT for asphalt and Safari on dirt roads and gravel. Drive, obviously, will remain rear — for greater similarity with the historical prototype.

Emblem Lancia in mass-produced cars, of course not. Prices and specifications will be announced in less than a month in Geneva.

New Lancia Stratos still launch!

Photos: New Stratos GbR

New Lancia Stratos still launch!

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