New London cab. From Geely!

In the exterior of new items, the design of which was developed by Geely Studio in Barcelona, with some stylistic decisions in the interior of the borrowed car brand Volvo, which is not surprising — with the 2010-th year, the Geely group is the owner of the Swedish company.

As for the company the London Taxi Company, which is now renamed the London EV Company (LEVC), the Chinese purchased in 2008. the Exterior of the model TX5 is made based on the classic cab Austin FX4, used as a London taxi from 1958.

The new cab has received a six-seater cabin, the Luggage space to the left of the driver and two rows of seats in the passenger compartment, which are arranged to face each other. The car is also fitted for carriage of a passenger in a wheelchair and has a small turning radius for easy maneuvering in urban bustle. Note also the panoramic roof, led optics and digital dashboard.

“The main idea for us was very clear. The car was supposed to look like a real London taxi”
Vice President, design, Geely, Peter Horbury

In motion TX5 is using hybrid power installations on the basis of a three-cylinder Volvo petrol engine capacity of 1.3 liters. with three cylinders. On one electric the car can travel more than 110 kilometers, the total mileage of about 600 km. the Hybrid power plant will fully comply with the new emission standards for taxis, which come into force in the UK in three years.

The London taxi company will be able to order the car in August of this year. The first automobiles appear on the streets of the British capital in October 2017. Assembly machines will establish the plant in Coventry. The novelty will be sold in the markets of other countries, according to the head of the London Taxi Corporation Chris Kubaa the company already has a large order of 225 taxi from the Netherlands.

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