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New release “Behind the wheel” UAZ with automatic transmission, the test is “sticky”, the contested penalty

The September issue of the magazine “Behind the wheel” — now available!“Behind the wheel”

“The wheel” No. 9/2019 is:


  • Is it possible to get off with a fine if he left the scene of an accident?
  • Card cameras commit violations — how will it change our lives?


  • The event of the century: the UAZ Patriot, put the auto box!
  • Kia Seltos — the gravedigger Crete or he is head and shoulders above?
  • The new Mazda 3 and looks cheerful, and goes quietly
  • Updated Audi A4: good-bye, little turbo!
  • Kia GT Kia GT Line: than differ from each other and who buys them


  • Why come incorrect fines from the cameras and how to challenge them
  • Car sharing is beneficial, but problems from it a lot. How to be?


  • Haval F7 trying to defeat the Hyundai Tucson, and along with his compatriot Geely Atlas
  • Friction winter tyres from budget to leaders: choose best from 12 sets
  • Kill Renault Arkana? Budget Duster or primadonny Kaptur?


  • Drugs for dry washing
  • Tools type waterproof: is there any real benefit?
  • Educational program. How air conditioning works and whether it’s in the winter
  • All the benefits of new winter tires Pirelli Ice Zero 2
  • Four types of thorns! New winter tires Continental IceContact 3
  • New winter tyres Dunlop SP Winter Ice 03 for cars and Ice 03 Grandtrek SUV
  • Selectable b/u: Skoda Octavia of the third generation (A7) and the Subaru Forester fourth generation (SJ)


  • Simple diagnostics: looking for a fault in the brake system
  • Park SP: Chevrolet Niva in the retirement age and the Renault Stepway Logan

And also:

  • One of the most extraordinary cars of the sixties — Citroen Ami 6
  • UAZ Pro double cab and four-wheel drive for 875 900 rubles
  • Ship “ton truck” Renault Master with a huge van body

On questions of readers meet the head of traffic police and experts “Behind the wheel”.

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