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New state inspection regulations — whether there will be

Ministry of economic development proposes to introduce a mandatory photo – and video recording of passing inspection. Tell, what in this regard, to prepare motorists.

A formal approach

Still pass inspection replaced diagnostic card, and it is useful only for the design of insurance policy to carry. Although the order of passage of checkup has changed, buy diagnostic card is easier than ever before. Many car owners don’t even arrive at the point of inspection — schedule an appointment with the seller of the metro. And there is a “paper” operators: they “test” ten times more cars than the capacity of the station! In fact, about 80% of the cards issued by them were forgeries, although the documents are all clean.

You shoot

Photovideo fixing process of inspection, as suggested by the Ministry, will allow to exclude the results of the diagnostic card in the absence of the car: the video gives you the opportunity to monitor the whole process. And operators are not formally, but actually checked the condition of the car, RSA will conduct reference checks: on the bill every two years to every operator will go and see the inspectors. If there is a complaint, the inspection can be unannounced. In case of violations the company will be deprived of accreditation. So far, however, not determined by regulatory Agency: the Federal Agency for transport supervision or traffic police.

And with the adoption of the amendments is not clear. The text of the document sent to the state Duma. The Ministry expects that it will have time to take until the end of the year. If this happens, then after the New year to buy a diagnostic card will be impossible.

Photovideo fixing process of inspection, as suggested by the Ministry, will allow to exclude the results of the diagnostic card in the lack of cars

New penalties

Proposed to penalize drivers who drive without really passed inspection. For this plan to use the systems of automatic fixing of violations. Information about passing inspection will receive from the automated system, where operators enter the data on the passed.

Now the penalty is provided only for taxi drivers, buses and trucks from 500 to 800 rubles.

Unscrupulous and dishonest operators have not forgotten. For entering false information into the database, the employee of station of checkup will pay 80 thousand roubles of the penalty. As for faking a diagnostic card — up to 500 thousand rubles.

In the Law on CTP will have the right of recourse: the insurance company will pay the victim money, but then charge the same amount to the culprit, if he went to the car, not the last inspection.

These innovations should appear after the adoption of the amendments on the inspection. So in 2018 we are waiting for new “letters”.

Will it use?

Otherwise, everything will remain as it was. Diagnostic card will still be issued for two years for cars (category b) from age three to seven years and a year for more age. Cars under three years old, inspection is not required.

Will the cost of inspection? Say no. But at whose expense will equip the positions of the inspection photo and videocomplexes? For our.

And how often do accidents happen due to defective cars? The most terrible accident — fully working! So, it may be worthwhile to spend money and effort on something more needed?

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