New Suzuki Vitara: a liter for four

Sand a nice new grille, which has vertical chrome “teeth”, you are in for a surprise. But not great, and small: at the behest of the trends of 1.6-liter atmospheric engine Vicary came under downsizing. Plus the turbine, minus the cylinder. How did it affect the acceleration dynamics? You’d be surprised, but no way.
Rear optics also new, but on the stern of the changes are not striking so much as on the front of the crossover.

That is absolutely one-liter Vitara declares the same numbers up to the hundreds, and still the 1.6-liter. Regardless of the type of drive and transmission. Fuel consumption decreased by about a liter, but not this, in my opinion, was the most important result of the replacement of the engine.

Hush will

Noise level – that is the question. In the salon updated Vicary was noticeably quieter, and not due to the fact that she has added noise insulation. Alas, not added. It turned out that for reasonable sound comfort enough to replace the motor, and the Japanese decided not to increase the curb weight of additional layers of chumki.

The front panel has changed in detail, however, is quite important.

At idle the difference, of course, is not felt. But when accelerating the cabin of the crossover is already not filled by the rumble, as in the case of the 1.6 litre atmosfernika He went to maximum thrust at 4400 rpm, the new engine gets on the shelf already at 2000, and even at 1800 rpm there is No need much to turn to go – hence the annoying background sound.

Friendship is strong

The difference in rpm at which the maximum thrust is achieved, due to different transmission. In the case of a 5-speed mechanics maximum torque is 170 Nm, however, it is available in the range of 2000-3500 rpm, 6-speed automatic transmission “digest” only 160 Nm, but with her regiment becomes longer: from 1800 to 4000 rpm.

Updated the dashboard got a nice chrome inserts and a new color display between the speedometer and tachometerModes of a full drive – the same. Even in Auto mode crossover SUV with liter engine is confidently attacking the roadsOver the armrest now you do not need to pay, it relies all Suzuki Vitara default. Inside is a small drawer for smallSpace on the second row still to spare. Although a passenger of average height will sit without problems, the Trunk volume 375-1120 l has as much as two underground. At the bottom can be a stowaway, but for a fee

Yes, the machine adds Vitara second acceleration to a hundred in comparison with the mechanics, but that is no reason to abandon it. First, the automatic transmission in this segment is a pleasant exception to the rule, which is known to be variable. And secondly, the machine gets on wonderfully with the new motor – I do not remember that I had the desire to fight with the box hand to hand.

There’s a third reason: only the crossovers with the machine can be equipped with adaptive cruise control with Stop&Go function. This is part of the new package of electronic assistants, which can now offer a Vitara, and starting with the average case of GL+.

Suzuki clones Toyota RAV4 and Corolla

Help called?

The system of automatic braking Radar Brake Support, working on short-wave radar, replaced by the Dual Sensor Brake Support, uses a laser radar and monocular camera to recognize pedestrians. I electronics, of course, did not check, but adaptive cruise control with Stop&Go function to traffic jams tried. Yes, now the Vitara itself slows to a stop, but only if the rider in front of the car slows down slowly and sadly. Otherwise require the intervention of the driver. It is noticeable that the system tries to keep a considerable distance to the front car, and the city in front of you all the time someone is embedded.

Vitara showed his teeth: the new grille has vertical chrome strips. First, they resembled the letter L.

Suzuki Vitara taxis itself, keeping itself in its lane, but only at speeds above 60 km/hour, and in that case, if read markings on both sides of the strip. But the sensors blind spots work without comment. Useful thing, like help system when leaving reverse RCTA.

Steeper than it looks

But the main question, let me remind you, friend: do you have enough liter engine off road? The asphalt I left, not without doubts, but they vanished at the first steep hill. It takes Vitara effortlessly even if you stop in the middle of the climb (see video). Mode Snow, aka “the Mud” and to enable optional, not to mention the “Lock” mode. There’s even a Sport mode, but it is for asphalt. In this crossover gets more traction on the rear axle.

Clearance Vitara remains the same – 185 mm. As you can see, it is enough to fulfill such here PA.

It would seem, just the electromagnetic clutch, but Suzuki knows how to make it play full. Of course, it helps greatly low curb weight of the crossover is of the order of two hundred thousand pounds. the Clutch honestly can withstand for ten minutes a very cheerful drive, and then admits to overheating. Terrain suspension a good work out, the soul of the passengers, not grilling. And Vitara still easily allows you to keep yourself in the dance on wet sand. Only the stabilization system off do not forget.

A rich choice

The updated Vitara has retained its most important trump card: an enviable variety of combinations of engine and transmission. So this car with a liter engine can be equipped with front-or all-wheel drive, 5-speed manual transmission or 6-speed automatic transmission. Vitara with engine 1.4 (the same that was formerly under-the-hood gone into circulation S-version) also allows you to select the type of drive. Box except that in this case there is no alternative machine.

The crossover is available at a price of 449 thousand UAH, as many appreciated the basic package with front-wheel drive and mechanics. For Vitara with a liter engine, all-wheel drive and a gun asking for 612 thousand UAH, and the top version c 1.4 l under the hood and all-wheel drive is 750 thousand UAH.


New Suzuki Vitara: three cylinder vs offroad

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