New Volvo haul trucks become more Autonomous

Volvo Trucks announced that the new truck series VNL and VNR in the base will be equipped with Volvo’s Active Driver Assist, designed to help the driver.

This system was installed in the truck only for a fee, however, the representatives of Volvo are sure that truckers need them in the first place to work and rest in long-haul flights.

The new trucks will operate adaptive cruise control, system of tracking departure warning and collision avoidance. Numerous cameras and sensors will help the heavy car to track the emergence of static obstacles, and react to other road users, including emergency braking. In case of sudden braking the vehicle ahead, the system will alert the driver and, if necessary, reduce the speed without switching to a lower gear.

Another innovation will be the emergence of two touchscreen monitors, which allow you to monitor the technical details. As an option, you are prompted Apple CarPlay, which allows you to send messages, talk on the phone or listen to music in direct connection with the iPhone.

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