Nissan has confessed to falsification of data on emissions

Aboutthis was announced at the special press conference. Internal validation on five Japanese companies Nissan. It is noted that employees of the company changed data on the results of measurements of emissions and fuel-efficient vehicles in the final stage of inspection. It is also reported that the fraud had occurred at least since 2013. While Nissan assured that the newly revealed circumstances will not lead to a mass recall of vehicles.

There were about 2.2 thousand of test cases, which showed incorrect data at least 900 cars. In the company message also it is noted that the test environment for another 700 new vehicles produced for the Japanese market, did not meet existing country requirements.

This is the second scandal in a Nissan over the last year. In September 2017, the automaker has admitted to irregularities in the control of safety of production at its Japanese plants. As a result, the company was forced to recall almost all the cars it sold in Japan for the last three years — about 1.2 million units. Stock price Nissan since the beginning of 2018 decreased by 11%.

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