Nissan introduced electric camper

Aboutthe be innovations made on the basis of serial vans: white-light green-based mikrobasic NV200, red-white – larger model NV300. Moreover, the first of them can be ordered with electric propulsion.

Serial inside of the van is mounted on the left a small kitchen unit with integrated fridge, gas hob and a small sink. In the back of a wardrobe. The roof is folded so that the inside can stand tall, and the rear seats folds into a bed.

Nissan e-NV200 electric version of the commercial van with the installation of electric car Leaf — 109-horsepower electric motor. After last year’s upgrading capacity lithium-ion battery has increased from 30 to 40 kWh, and the store shopping on a single battery charge has increased from 170 to 280 kilometers.

As for the Nissan NV300, this turned van version of the Renault Trafic, equipped with a 1.6-litre diesel engine in several versions forces: from 95 to 145 horsepower.

In Spain, a new camper can be purchased from any Nissan dealer: a revision of serial vans company does Bram Tecnologies from Catalonia.

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