Nissan introduced electric crossover read driver’s mind

At the Geneva motor show the Japanese showed a new prototype crossover with the technology of Brain-to-Vehicle

The Japanese automaker released on stage of auto show an innovative concept IMx KURO, equipped with the latest technology. Crossover built on a new platform Nissan electric vehicles, in the likeness of the concept IMx, first shown at the Tokyo motor show in October 2017.

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The movement of the prototype brings electric propulsion to two electric motors on front and rear axle. In total, they give a capacity of 320 kW or 435 HP with a torque of 700 Nm. Fueling their electric batteries with large capacity and increased energy density, providing a cruising range of 600 km.

It also debuted and a new development of Nissan’s Brain-to-Vehicle (B2V). It receives and processes the signals from the brain of the driver to help him in driving. Technology promises to reduce the reaction time of the vehicle to control actions and allow it to adapt to your driving style, so the trip became even more enjoyable.

System Brain-to-Vehicle assumes that the driver wears a special device that measures brain activity and sends signals to recognize an Autonomous driving system. They are able to anticipate what the movement intends to make the driver and quietly help him.

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The concept also provides for the implementation of the future version of the system of self-government ProPILOT last generation. When activated, it hides the steering wheel and recline the seat backs for complete relaxation of passengers. The driver can control the car with the help of movements of eyes and hands.

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